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Worship Team Checklist For A Powerful, Spirit Filled Service

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Here’s a Worship Team Checklist that every church needs in order to have a Powerful, Spirit filled worship service.

There is nothing in the world that can compare to a Spirit filled worship service. When guests come to your church, it is imperative that they feel the Holy Spirit in a powerful way during this part of the service. Worship team training is an absolute for every church. Here’s what every worship team needs to know so that can happen.

From the author. “The below are not a rule. These are suggestions that every Pastoral and Worship team should consider and adjust for their particular church’s worship environment.”

Every worship team must prepare!

Physical preparation.

  • Practice
  • Rehearsal
  • Memorize words

Spiritual preparation.

  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Devotion

Concerning the later, Spiritual preparation, you cannot give what you do not possess. If you are not praying, fasting occasionally and having a personal time of devotion in God’s Word, your efforts on the worship team will be as a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. If your intent is to entertain and not lead in worship to God with your singing or playing, God will not move and people’s hearts will not be touched. Bring more than your voice and abilities to play an instrument. Bring your sincere worship and expression of love towards God.

Worship Team Checklist #1 – Pre-service Rehearsal

  • This rehearsal should include your musicians, singers, sound technicians, and computer technicians.
  • Vocal warmups.
  • Review specific songs for service.
  • Have the number and the order of the songs selected.
  • Start rehearsal backwards, with the last song first, that way the sound mix will be set and in place for the first song.
  • Spend more time on the hardest songs, don’t waste the majority of your time on the easy stuff.
  • Set the atmosphere:  music, lighting, sound.
  • Communicate with sound technician.
    • Order of songs, vocal parts and leads, musician parts, etc.
  • Communicate with computer technician.
    • Order of songs, words and verses, special media, etc.
  • Pray together as a worship team to close the rehearsal!

Worship Team Checklist #2 – Song Selection

  • Pray about it.
  • Transition is very important. Know which songs transition well.
  • Begin slow, and end fast.
  • Begin fast, and end slow.
  • Don’t use the same set of songs too often.
  • Mix it up, keep a good balance of new and old songs.
  • Never sing more than one new song in the same service.
  • Be sensitive to the congregation.

Worship Team Checklist #3 – Worship Team Awareness

  • The worship team needs to know that they are taking the lead in worship.
    • Whatever they do, the congregation will likely do. 
  • The leaders must stay alert and be sensitive to the moving of the Spirit.
  • Expression must match your singing! Happy song, happy expression. Worshipful song, worshipful expression.
  • The worship team needs to smile, clap their hands when appropriate, and worship with all of their heart.
    • If you look like you’re not enjoying the worship time, the congregation probably won’t enjoy it. 
  • It takes time for the worship team to develop the discipline to do all of this. 
    • It is not easy to worship the way that you want to worship when you are being watched by every person in the congregation. 
    • Human nature causes us to act differently when people are watching, still, each person who is on the platform must realize that they are leading in worship, even if they are not speaking. 
  • The worship team/leader must learn to worship in Spirit and in Truth even while everything that they are doing is being watched.
    • If they can accomplish this, they will help build the faith and expectancy of the congregation during that service.
  • Every member of the worship team should also give during the offering, they are the example.

Worship Team Checklist #4 – Sensitivity to the Spirit

  • Don’t allow too much practice to quench the moving of the Holy Spirit.
  • If there is a powerful move of God, don’t rush through it, entertain God’s presence.
  • Eliminate a song if necessary.
  • Have backup choruses ready to match the moving of the Spirit.

Worship Team Checklist #5 – A word to the worship leader

  • If you feel led to extend the normal allotted worship time, pay attention to the service leader and/or Pastor.
  • The service or worship leader can keep this part of the service going, or move on. They must however, be sensitive to the Spirit and also the service order.
    • Don’t get so caught up in the Spirit that you don’t make the occasional “non-obvious” eye contact with the service leader or Pastor (if there is no service leader).
    • There may be a reason you are unaware of that they need the worship service to end at the appropriate time.
  • There are times when a worship service will be so powerful that the order of the service is disrupted and the preacher doesn’t preach. That is fine on a rare occasion (If the Pastor is in agreement), but don’t let it be the norm.
    • The Word of God needs to go forth, the Word is the seed that will bring forth fruit.
  • The worship service should prepare people’s hearts to receive the Word.
  • People only have so much ‘virtue”to give. If the worship service is forty minutes long with the leader speaking or preaching between every song, then the congregation is pretty much ready to go home after the worship. 
    • They have already given what they can and won’t have much left for the preaching of the Word or the altar service.
  • The momentum of the service should be building throughout, and then crescendo Spiritually just before the Preacher speaks.

In order to have a powerful and moving worship service, we need to know what worship is.

Worship is our response to God for who He is and what He has done for each of us. The things we say, and how we say them reveal how we feel about God. Worship is more than singing, it is the way we sing and the way that we live before we lead in singing! Worship God in Spirit and in Truth!

To understand worship, we have to look deep into the annals of scriptures and very far back in time. For it is here were we find not only the one thing that has always been closest to the Heart of God, but we also find out why the devil hates us so much and is doing everything he can to keep us from Worshipping our God. View the We Worship series.


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