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Why Use Graphics In Church

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A picture paints a thousand words’ is a phrase we perhaps imagine as having proverbial origins. It is, however, an amalgamation of two phrases from 18th Century newspaper advertisements: “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words” and “One Look Is Worth a Thousand Words”. It has evolved into an idiom which refers to the notion that one single image can convey a story as effectively as a large amount of descriptive text. 

Studies show that people remember: 

  • 10% of they hear.
  • 20% of what they read.
  • 80% of what they see.

Graphic design tells the story of your church in images and words. It invites others to experience your worship service and can lead to increased interest and membership. The key is to use graphic design in the best possible way – a way that honors your faith and beliefs while reaching outside your church walls.

Graphic design is an important tool that enhances how you communicate with other people. It serves to convey your ideas in a way that is not only effective, but also beautiful. A good design makes your church look good.

In the world of business it’s easy to see that imagery is key when selling a product or service. The same should be said about church. A recent study by Etsy (a website where individuals are able to sell products they create) found that 90% of purchasing decisions were influenced by the products image. Another study showed that two-thirds of buying decisions by consumers are based on the design of the packaging of a product. How does this impact churches and ministries?

People will spend more time looking at an effective and attractive design. Holding their attention with a well-thought-out design helps them process what you are trying to communicate with them. Ministry is all about communicating the Gospel. The listeners will only remember 10% of what is said but 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. Church imagery will help church congregants follow, keep the attention while retaining information.

A well-designed product will help a customer quickly recognize the products and services that they are needing and searching for. A clean and simple design can help quickly explain the benefits and solutions that a product or service brings. In a Church or a ministry we are not selling products and services. We are touching lives and teaching salvation while presenting the results of our ministries in a clean well-thought-out design that can help people quickly understand the personal benefits they can gain from being a part of your church.

People get emotionally attached to brands, styles, and colors of that brand along with a logo help solidify that emotional connection. Images speak to us on an emotional level. A logo can become that conduit between the brand and the consumer’s emotions. Consider the logo as a shortcut for a viewer to quickly recall their past experiences with your church branding. Your branding is all about the experience. What is the experience that you want to always present to your church members or potential church members? What do you want your ministry to be known for in the community? Then how can you solidify that experience that conversation, and relationship using design, logo, or your website & social media pages?

People will spend more time looking at an effective and attractive graphic design. Holding their attention with a well-thought-out design gives them longer to process what you are trying to communicate with them. Ministry is all about communicating the Gospel. If we simply preach or announce upcoming events without imagery it won’t catch or hold people’s attention. In order to be effective in ministry and outreach you need to clearly communicate the Gospel. In this day and age imagery is key to communicating. We need to catch and hold the attention of people long enough to convey to them the truths of the Bible.