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Why Do People Leave The Church? - Articles |

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Why Do People Leave The Church?

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Knowing some answers to this question can not only keep a church from losing some great people, but will also bring a church into revival as the back door is closed to a large degree.

It’s kind of like money.  It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.  Some count their new converts by the hundreds, but few of these converts are still in the church a year later. 

People leave the church because of boring sermons.  Some people can tell when a preacher is shooting from the hip or preaching to the choir.  “Study to show yourself approved.”   You are not going to keep some people unless your messages are getting into their heart and mind.   They have come to hear a Word from God.  Get one from the Lord for yourself and then give it to the congregation.

People leave the church because they feel the ministry does not care about them.  Greet them, shake their hands, phone them, write them a letter, smile at them, visit them when they are sick, send them a card when you can’t.  Let them know you care.  One kind word spoken at the right moment in a person’s life can cause them to be devoted to you for the rest of their life.

People leave the church because they have no relationships there.  Develop ways for new converts to develop relationships within the church.  Small Groups are a great place for new people to gain those necessary relationships.

People leave the church because someone has offended them.  Preach grace. Encourage the church to forgive quickly and easily.  Saying “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me.” can heal many wounds that would otherwise cause people to leave the church.

People leave the church because they found no place to serve.  A church who constantly works to develop new and larger ministries will find room for a new person to serve.  This will fulfill a basic need in the new convert which is to feel like they belong and that they are contributing something.  Everyone wants to bring something to the table.  Get people involved, no matter how small their contribution may seem at first.