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What’s the holdup?

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Here’s a line you can use while waiting in line at the local gas station, but never at the local bank.  Not too long ago while standing in line waiting to cash my check at my bank, a gentleman at the window next to me began to grow impatient with the banks teller.  A bit angrily he asked her “What’s the holdup?”  Needless to say, all the banks employees immediately looked alarmed and worried.  They did not hear the entire question the man asked, all they heard was the word “holdup”.  You can imagine why the bank’s employees became alarmed when the word holdup was used in this setting.  Especially when used with a bit of anger.

What’s the holdup?  What’s stopping your church from having revival?  What’s keeping your ministry from fulfilling its vision?  What obstacles stand in your way?

We oftentimes say we’re waiting on God in certain situations.  We say things like, “It will happen in God’s timing.”  or “We’re just waiting on God.”   In reality however, God is most often waiting on us.  He is not a God who is late or tardy.  He’s not so busy that He barely has enough time to get everything done that He needs to do in the course of a day.  His calendar is not so full that He has to cancel appointments at the last minute or push your needs off to another day in order to meet somebody else’s needs.

He is all sufficient.  He’s always on time.  His resources never run out.  He created time, so time is not a problem for Him.  He created the heavens and the earth, so resources are never an issue for Him.  His ways are above our ways. His understanding goes beyond human reason. 

God is not the source of delay.  It’s important for us to understand that at no point since His death on the cross has God delayed any good thing.  He is not the reason your church is not having revival today.  He is not the reason visitors do not attend your church.  It is not His desire that any in your city, town, hamlet, village, neighborhood, or family should perish.  It is His complete desire that they would come to the knowledge of full Truth.   He wants them to join your church.  His complete desire is that every man woman boy and girl in your city would be in church worshiping Him and hearing His Word this Sunday morning.

If God’s perfect will were performed this Sunday morning, there is no way possible that your church could contain the kind of growth that God would give it.  The exponential explosion of growth that your church would experience if God’s will were accomplished, would blow the minds of every evangelist, visionary, and revivalist.

God is not the hold up.  God’s will is not the hold up and neither are His ways.  The source of delay your church may be experiencing is entirely within your grasp of control.  Human will, faith in God’s promises, spiritual warfare with demonic powers in prayer, are all the work of the church.  It is our responsibility to believe Him for the impossible.

We are the hold up. 

Why is it that some churches barely grow at all while others experience incredible growth and revival?  Is God weak in some churches and strong in others?  Could it be that revival completely hinges upon our own faith and will for it to happen?  Is it possible that human thinking thwarts the will of God and kills the potential of growth in a church?

In my time of working with churches and laboring to see growth happen, I never once felt that we were fighting with God to see growth.  I never even felt that demonic powers and influence were the real issue for the lack of growth we were experiencing.  However, attitudes and selfish ambitions were always at work to destroy any momentum of growth in the church.  If we could somehow cause the church to stop focusing on themselves, and realize that collectively we all have a high calling, we could have revival. 

Churches who are having revival preach revival.  They talk about growth.  They preach about the lost.  They preach to visitors.  They preach vision and growth constantly.  They do not get sidetracked at every opportunity.  They stay focused on the prize. 

One old preacher once said “you get what you preach”.  If you want problems preach about problems all the time.  If your church needs money preach about giving and financial blessing.  But if a revival in the area of growth is what you’re after, preach revival and growth.  Don’t stop preaching revival and growth.  When revival and growth begins to happen, keep preaching revival and growth.  When it looks like the revival and growth that God gives you is going to bury you with work and responsibility, keep preaching revival and growth.

Money will come to your church when revival and growth takes place.  Bad attitudes and poor spirits will fall to the wayside when revival and growth comes to your church.  New helps and greater resources will become available when your church has revival and growth.  New church members who love their pastor and will support his vision will come when your church has revival and growth.

Stop fighting old battles.  Stop dealing with old wounds.  Quit talking about the same old things.  Quit dealing with the issues.  There will always be old battles, old wounds, the same old things and church issues, but there will never be revival and growth in your church if you don’t start preaching and talking about revival and growth.  Stop managing and start evangelizing.

Look beyond the battle you are fighting right now and know that God has already decided that He wants your church to experience a great revival before His return.  Set your gaze on His promises.  Allow His vision to become your vision.  HAVE REVIVAL!


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