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What Type Of People Will God Bring Your Way? - Articles -

What Type Of People Will God Bring Your Way?

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  • He is not going to send another you.  If you are waiting for Him to send someone who lines up 100% with your way of thinking, understanding, talents and abilities, you may be waiting a long time.  He already has someone in our church like that – you.   God gives us unique people who add to our ministry.  They are people who have talents that we don’t have.  They add flavor to the church and giftedness to our ministry.  Appreciate the fact that God has sent you someone very unlike yourself.
  • Some will have talents you have no understanding of.  You may not have a bit of understanding of computers and the Lord may send you a computer programmer.  Don’t feel inadequate around this person.  Thank God for him and put his giftedness to work.
  • He is going to give you people of various educational backgrounds. Should the Lord send you a Doctor, don’t feel dumb around him…Ask him questions, learn from him…find him a place in the body to minister.  If he sends you an attorney, thank the Lord, don’t feel intimidated, let him educate you on a few things as you expound to him the laws of God and allow his knowledge of the law be a blessing to your church.
  • He going to bring you people with more time and energy than you have.  They might have more energy and time to invest in a project, let them go for it.  Don’t put the breaks on something just because you can’t be there.  Tell them what you want to happen and put them in charge of it.  Turn them loose, there is no telling what can happen for the sake of the Church when you are not around. 
  • He’s going to give you people who have great ideas and vision.  You are not the only one who has good ideas.  Let them bring something to the table.  Let them express themselves.  Listen to them.  It is entirely possible that they may know more about something than you do.  That is a gift to your ministry.  
  • He is going to give you people with resources.  Some of these resources may be money, people relationships, education, etc.  Teach them how to use those resources in ways that best serve the Kingdom.
  • He’s going to give you what you ask for.  “Ask and it shall be given.”  However, when He gives it, it may be covered up with sin and worldliness.  It’s up to you to find the diamond in the rough.

By James Smith 



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