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Training Leadership Teams

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Jesus died for the sins of the world. His mission was very broad. He did not die for most, several or some. He died for all. When He suffered on the cross, He did not have only a few hundred or a few thousand on His mind. What held Him to that tree was every single man, woman, boy and girl who would ever live on this planet. Is  our own directive is the same? Are we quite satisfied with a few hundred and would we be very satisfied with a few thousand. Think about it.  If your ministry directly affected 1,000 souls on a weekly basis, would you be satisfied? 

We have to stop thinking small. Jesus did not think small. The scripture does not speak small. This gospel was given that every single person ever conceived could have a relationship with Him. For too long the Church’s growth has been limited by our small thinking.

Over 7 billion people on this planet today are missing out on Heaven. We have churches who run 50 and are Pastored by people who are quite satisfied with 50. Many other churches run 50 and are Pastored by people who are bothered because they cannot get their church to grow, that they doubt they were truly called to the ministry. These people get so frustrated, that they give up and are defeated by their inability to reach their community.

Some will say that God adds to the church in His time. They say growth will happen when He wills it to happen. This is ridiculous thinking. Jesus proved his commitment and desire to see every person in your city saved when he suffered that horrific beating and cruel death on the cross.

Revival has nothing to do with God’s will for it to happen. He has proven His will. It has everything to do with our putting ourselves in a position to cause it to happen and to receive and maintain it when it happens.

Jesus told a parable of a certain ruler who upon going on a journey, left certain resources with his servants to invest. Two of the three worked with those resources and did all they could to cause growth. The third man hid his resources and as a result had no growth which caused his master to punish him severely. The other two on the other hand caused their master’s resources to multiply after which their master blessed them with a greater amount of resource to work with and his blessings.

The kind of revival that our Lord wants to see happen in this world will not happen if we keep doing what we’ve been doing. Many of us are beginning to realize that our Lord is getting ready to do something incredible in this world. However, many of our churches are not set up to maintain the kind of revival He wants to give. Think about it. What would happen should the lord give you hundreds of new people in the next two weeks? We say that will never happen and that’s why it never happens. Are you able to believe God to give this kind of revival?

Think about that. hundreds of new people. We can barely keep up with the needs of the 50-150 we have now. Can I suggest to you what would happen? We would lose nearly every single one of them as we would not be able to minister to the needs of 1,000 new converts.

It is time that we stop thinking that Pastors are the only ones who can minister in the church. If the Pastor is the only one who can minister to the needs of the congregants in any given congregation, then that church is stuck. It will not grow beyond the time, talent and anointing of that one man. However what if that man had a helper. What if he could multiply himself  not only once or twice or three times. What if that man decided that in the next 5 years he was going to create a team of 50 ministers/leaders in his church.  That team of ministers would be able to maintain the revival God would send to that church.

You say is it possible to build such a team? Yes it is! You say, well I think I could only build a team of 10 in 5 year. Ok. Fine. 10, that sounds great! Some of us only have people resources that could build a team of 10, but others of us have people resources that can do much more than that. Jesus put a team of 12 men together in 3 years when he had zero people resources. He went out into the work and commerce places and walked up to them and said “Come be a part of my team!” He also did this without anybody else motivating or teaching Him on how to do it. You on the other hand have people who can help you build your team.

No matter how small your church is. No matter how many people you have right now, You have some people there who you can raise up to be on this team. They may not be platform material right now. In fact they might be a real mess right now, but if you don’t see potential in them, you are missing out on tremendous growth.

Those people who we often overlook have tremendous potential.  Oftentimes pastors train and create a team of leaders their church from people who many others would have looked at and said “there is no way”. People will rise to the level you expect them to rise to. One thing is sure. They won’t grow at all if you don’t expect them to. If you keep looking at them saying “they’ll never be any help”, then you are right they probably never will.

We have to be willing to overlook how they look, act and live temporarily. We have to be able to see them as a tremendous people resource and a gift to our ministry from the Lord. If you look at them and see them as the gift to your ministry that they are and you work with them, you might be amazed at the potential they could become. He will not bless your church with additional resources until you have used whatever He has given you.

But how do we train leaders? Many of us have no idea how to raise them up. I was speaking to a Pastor recently about raising up leadership in his church. He stopped me and said, “Jim I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.” He said, “I’m so busy trying to win people to the Lord, that I don’t have a clue as to how to take them to the level of leadership.” This man was a soul winner. He loves the church he pastors. They love him. But in his present way of doing things, he is the only one adding to or ministering to the church. Can you relate? Does the idea of training people to be leaders and ministers in the church sound impossible to you?

Well it’s not. It is very available to you. Building effective leadership teams is not impossible. In fact it is not impossible to become a better leader yourself.

Have You Considered Teaching ??The Simple Principle Of Momentum to the Leadership of your church?

We all teach concepts of momentum indirectly all the time. Momentum, or the loss of it, is something that we all deal with every day. Now you can address it directly! It is something that must be discussed!

Even if you are experiencing success, if you don’t understand why you are experiencing success, you are only a short time away from losing it!

  • Train your Sunday School teachers.
  • Train your Leadership teams.
  • Train your Worship and Praise teams.
  • Train your Altar workers.
  • Train all your Ministry teams.





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