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The Role of a Mentor

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As common as the word mentor is in society, and in the business culture in general, when it comes to many religious organizations and the individuals that comprise them, mentoris often still a mysterious term. Confusion and misperceptions abound, and yet mentoring has been around since the dawn of man.

Just the mention of the word mentor causes an insecure leader or pastor to manifest jealousy, others to cry out that “I already have mentors in my life”, and a few to simply confess they still do not know why they would even need a mentor.

Nonetheless the reality remains the same . . . the leadership actions of most leaders validate their need of a mentor. Every new endeavor of life often brings to the leader a need for mentoring. In essence, business training seminars and workshops is a multi-billion dollar industry because it is mentoring in real life to those desiring to improve and advance in their skills and knowledge.

Please read on.

mentor is not some mysterious know-it-all guru that floats in and out of your life dressed in a white robe and riding on a cloud. Neither is a mentor a genie in a bottle that appears with the answer when you have a need and rub him correctly. Nor is a mentor a replacement for the pastor and influential individuals in your life.

mentor is someone with the willingness, temperament, skill sets, gifts, talents, compassion, understanding, whit, intelligence, experience, and general life balance that shoulders up beside you to enable you to succeed at a higher level in life. A mentor is someone who cares about you enough to invest him or herself into you.

Whether paid or unpaid a mentor places more value in your life, aspirations, and goals than you ever return to them. Their primary reward is in helping, steering, advising, and equipping you toward the success they believe you have the potential for.

Every great leader attributes their success largely and in part to the influencers that played a key role in their pathway to success. Those influencers are mentors.

Biblically a mentor is a spiritual father, a guardian, and instructor, a tutor, and a father. These terms are not necessarily synonymous with the term pastor. Although many pastors are good instructors and mentors, many are not. A true mentor understands their areas of limitation, and are wise enough to understand that when a mentee is desiring or needing to progress in an area outside of their experience base, then it is time to refer them to another mentor who can help them in that area.

How can anyone mentor you in business, or music, or leadership, or a host of other topics if they are not proficient and experienced in the same?

Consider a very current sports figure, Tim Tebow. Tim is a devout Christian who happens to also be the quarterback of a professional football team, the Denver Broncos. Tim Tebow is both loved and hated. The media has a field day making its fortunes off of every mistake and success he makes on the field. Thousands of people critique him, but few really help him. Enter John Elway. Mr. Elway is an executive in the Bronco’s organization who also happens to be one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history. He has multiple Super Bowl rings and strings of records and accomplishments.

So what is happening now after the close of the 2011-2012-football season and the Denver Bronco’s humiliating defeat by the New England Patriots?

Enter John Elway. He is now to become the personal quarterback mentor to Tim Tebow. Not only does Elway have the experience and the vested interest, but he also has a great talent to work with. Tebow is by all reports perhaps the best overall athlete in the NFL. Elway believes that by his fourth year Tebow will be at the top of the game.

That is the value of a mentor.

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