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The Pastoral Paradox

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Paradox – “A statement seemingly absurd or self- contradictory, but really founded in truth.”

Being a Pastor or Christian leader is not easy. Whoever said it was, was lying. Being a Pastor or Minister is rewarding and satisfying, but it is not easy.

The part that is not easy for me is when I do good for someone and they turn against me. It knocks me back a step when someone who I have really bent over backwards to help, lies against me or without gratitude, throws “it” all in my face. If you’ve ministered for more than 1 year, I’m sure you will be able to relate. If you’ve ministered for 10 years, you could probably write a book on the subject.

One thing they never taught us in Bible College was how to take a direct hit in the chops and keep a smile. Don’t you just love getting bawled out by someone in the office, 10 minutes before service. It’s not easy getting up in front of your church to preach a positive message after an encounter like that. But we do it anyway! Why? Because that’s who we are. That’s what we do. We are Ministers. We do good when people hurt us. What a Paradox!

I wonder how many doctors would treat a patient who continually tried to destroy their practice. What executive would keep a man in his company who lies on him and undermines his authority? Not many. Not for long anyway. Here is the Paradox of Ministry. We not only keep people like this around, but we also keep treating them and we lose sleep when they leave the church. Why? We are ministers.

I read somewhere a few years ago that amongst professions, Pastors are the second most vulnerable to heart attacks. Why is that? I have the answer…We carry other peoples problems. We worry. We care. We’re involved. We’re concerned.

Of course, people can’t appreciate this because they are generally only concerned for themselves. They don’t see all the sacrifices a Minister makes. They don’t see how often you rob from yourself to give to them. And you don’t let them see. Why? You care for them. You sincerely want to help them out. You are the Minister.



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