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The Little Foxes -

The Little Foxes

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Pastor Philip Harrelson has contributed a fantastic sermon series titled, “The Little Foxes” to

We all have spiritual vineyards that we are to be the steward over.  The first vineyard that Rev. Harrelson mentions is that of the soul.  We also have the vineyard of our family and the church.  These are vineyards that we have been chosen to watch over and maintain.  However, there are little foxes that are working to destroy our vineyards.

In this encouraging and instructive series, Rev. Harrelson goes into detail and explains how to efficiently “improve the soil of these vineyards.”  He describes how we need to meditate on God’s Word every day and pray throughout the week as just a couple of the ways to “water” our vineyards. 

Every Pastor, ministry team member and saint of God would greatly benefit to read these messages and apply these life lessons.  This is a series that needs to be taught to every church and every team member. 

Here is the first paragraph of the first lesson in this series: 

Every person has a vineyard.  We may not perceive that we are keepers of vineyards but there are responsibilities that we all have for our vineyards.  First, we have the personal vineyard of our own soul.  It is perhaps the most important vineyard of all that we are to take the most care of.  Our soul is the most valuable possession that we have according to the Word of the Lord (Matthew 16:26; 10:28; Ecclesiastes 12:7).  The care of the soul is a very tedious and challenging process.  It involves the careful work of plowing, planting, cultivating, weeding, watering, and harvesting.  Just as a farmer is in a joint venture with God, to care for our soul will have to be a joint venture with God.  We cannot do it all alone!  We must have God to intervene with Spirit and Word to accomplish His will for us.    

There are 7 lessons in all that complete this series.  Each lesson is very descriptive and thorough.

In this series, he covers some of the different “foxes” that would try to destroy our vineyards and ultimately our spiritual man. 

1.     The little fox of sinful speech (16 pgs.)

2.     The little fox of spiritual apathy (9 pgs.)

3.     The little fox of double-mindedness (15 pgs.)

4.     The little fox of sloth (11 pgs.)

5.     The little fox of envy (10 pgs.)

6.     The little fox of fear (11 pgs.)


Your church needs to hear these lessons! 

If you are a member to, type in “little fox” in the searchable database and this series will immediately pop up. 

If you are not a member, you need to sign up today and you will have access to this series as well as over 80 other Series that can be taught on your mid-week service, Sunday School, or any other leadership meetings!

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Don’t wait!  This series needs to be taught now! 




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