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Speak The Truth In Love -

Speak The Truth In Love

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I want to tell everyone; “Because He lives, I am able to overcome whatever.” I am so grateful for the Cross where my sins were nailed and wrath was endured by Jesus, but without the Resurrection all would be for nothing. His rising tells all loud and clear: He was right, His teachings are correct, His sacrifice was enough, divine justice has been satisfied, the blessing of the Holy Ghost would be coming as planned, and anybody who will believe will receive.

Oh, just to think how Jesus defeated the devil in three places: on Earth, on the cross, and through the tomb. I just can’t even describe just how I feel. We who have been redeemed and born again know the empty tomb is far more than a story: He lives and lives within us…. The total history that has been accomplished by that empty tomb should inspire each of us to become better Praisers, Givers, and Livers. To think that God, Himself, designed the entire episode so that we could be set free from our sins and become fit vessels for His Spirit to indwell. The raising of Jesus from the dead has revealed the great power of God Himself, for in doing this, the defeat of sin and Satan is now totally obvious. Jesus is alive, making this thing called Christianity a living demonstration of glory and power.

When we read our Bibles, we see how the Resurrection was central to all preaching, not just the Cross, but what followed. By Jesus getting up and out, we are able to accomplish all Jesus told us by the gifting of the Holy Ghost, which was and is the gifted result of the empty tomb. Today, more than any other day, we have something to sing and shout about: He lives and so do we, Death has lost, and Life and Truth have won.

May God help each of us today to really grasp this victory won for us, and celebrate, for He is worthy who has done this thing.

Copyright 2004 Rev. J. W. Arnold



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