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Small Groups

Find small group resources that make leading an effective small group a breeze!
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What Kind Of Servant Am I?

Scripture: Matthew 25:21-21
God has entrusted you and me with the thing that is most precious to Him, the Gospel and the lost souls to whom it is to save.  So, […]

Why Profanity Matters

Scripture: Matthew 26:69-74
Using curse words is a choice and when you choose not to use them eventually they will be removed from your vocabulary. Using curse words is a sin […]

The Mind of Christ

Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-8
Through the mouth of His prophet Isaiah, God proclaimed that human thinking is not the same as His, and our ways were contrary to His ways.  At first […]

The Sin of Gossip

Scripture: James 3:2-12
It doesn’t take long before a rumor, spread by gossip, kindles a kind of wildfire that quickly goes out of control.  Churches have been split, families have been […]

The Spiritual Discipline of Hospitality

Scripture: Romans 12:8-13
As we go house to house sharing the Word of God and fellowshipping we want to create an atmosphere where true ministry can take place. Being a proper […]

Doing life together as a Small Group

Scripture: John 10:11-11
The meeting is the weekly expression of what takes place every day by and reaching for the goals of our small group. As we discuss this topic, let’s […]

How Your Small Group Can Share The Gospel

Someone once said if you do what you’ve always done then it is likely that you’ll get what you have always gotten.  This is the time when we […]

A Vision For Those Who Are Not Saved

Scripture: Proverbs 29:18-18
It may be your family members, friends, co-workers, or even the people you meet every day in stores, on the street, at the doctor’s, everywhere. Let’s discuss how […]

Being Separate from The World

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-1
From the first day that God called men to work His divine purpose He called them to be distinct and separate from anything around them.  There is and […]


Scripture: Genesis 49:22-24
We all have things happening to us that we did not ask for and people doing things to us that we do not deserve, and we all have […]

Having Strong Faith

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-4
The eleventh chapter of the book of Hebrews shows faith in action. Often called the “The Hall of Faith,” it shows how faith enabled common men and women […]

Sin & the Wrath of God

Scripture: Romans 1:18-18
As we discuss this weighty subject, examine yourselves and ask these hard questions. Do I hold the truth in unrighteousness? Am I standing on one of these steps […]
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