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Small Groups

Find small group resources that make leading an effective small group a breeze!
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Our Prayer Lives

Scripture: Luke 18:1-5
When we see God as “much more” than the neighbor or the judge in these two parables, we can envision prayer as so much more than banging down […]

Preparing for The Wedding of Jesus and His Church

Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14
There has been an invitation extended for all to attend the wedding of the Lord Jesus Christ with His bride, the church.  Many are invited, but few are […]

Reaching Out To Those Who Are Lost

Scripture: Luke 15:8-10
If we are to see our friends and loved ones living for God then we need to reach out to them with the same fervency as the woman […]

The Power of Spiritual Agreement

Scripture: Ephesians 3:20-20
Our obedience to the Word of God is the power to us walking in agreement with the Lord. The power the Apostle Paul was speaking of was the […]

Being The Salt Of The Earth

Scripture: Luke 14:25-35
We are the salt of the earth and Jesus is the light of the world.  Are you enhancing the taste for salvation to those around you? Let your […]


Scripture: Matthew 18:23-23
The debt that we owe is more than we could ever afford to pay.  Yet God’s plan of salvation allows for us to take advantage of his forgiveness […]

Having A Forgiving Heart

Scripture: Matthew 6:12-12
One of the heaviest loads to carry is a grudge. It will eat away at your soul leaving only bitterness and resentment. Jesus has provided for us a […]

Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus

Scripture: Matthew 14:30-32
When we step out of the boat it may get a little windy, but in spite of the wind, we are to keep our integrity intact and keep […]

Living Our Lives On Purpose

Scripture: Exodus 32:6-6
Life is not a game to play. Life is real and we have but one life to give and one life to live. Let us live our lives […]

Prayer - Praise and Adoration

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-9
Jesus taught his disciples and ultimately every Christian, how to pray using these 6 parts of prayer.  The first part of prayer should always be Praise and Adoration […]

Preparation: The Key to Success

Scripture: Ezekiel 37:8-8
The Bible says that we should always be ready to tell lost souls how to find Jesus Christ, and this takes preparation on our part. Many people feel […]


Scripture: Luke 15:11-24
Let’s discuss today how our lives currently, or in the past, compare to the life of the Prodigal Son. Remember, your Heavenly Father is always there waiting for […]
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