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Small Groups

Find small group resources that make leading an effective small group a breeze!
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Talking to Your Best Friend Jesus

Scripture: Proverbs 18:24-24
One of the greatest things to remember about talking to a friend is giving that friend a chance to speak as well.  As you pray to your friend […]

The Danger of Being Comfortable

Scripture: Genesis 12:8-8
How many times have we been guilty of stopping short of what God has desired for us.  The reasons may vary.  We may become physically exhausted which affects […]

The Essentials of a Successful Small Group Church

Scripture: Acts 2:46-47
Small Group Ministry is more than just meeting in a home or location and discussing Bible truths. It is a way of life.  In this lesson we discuss […]

The Importance of Community

Scripture: Luke 8:26-29
One of Satan’s most powerful tactics is to separate an individual from the flock and to begin to tear him or her down with lies, depression and discouragement.  […]

The Mothering Spirit of the Church

Scripture: Galatians 4:22-26
It doesn’t take much thought about your mother and how much she means to you before you are flooded with emotion.  With few exceptions, our mothers occupy some […]

What are Your Priorities

Scripture: Matthew 6:33-33
One of the marks of Christian maturity is being able to determine what is important and to make sure that the important things get first attention.  I have […]

The Development of Disloyalty

Scripture: Philippians 2:20-21
Disloyalty is an attitude that develops through various stages before it fully manifests itself.  If this attitude is checked at these early stages, it may never become a […]

Handling Difficult Situations

Scripture: Nehemiah 2:1-20
As we read the story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, we can’t help but notice the depth of life’s lessons taught to us.  First, we saw […]
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