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Shared Values Make A Difference

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People work better when they are working towards the same goal.  When agendas or expectations differ, confusion often wins over production.

Take the time to get people on the same track.  Taking the time to educate and motivate people towards the same agenda will pay dividends.   You may want to start a project or ministry today, but consider that this vision may be for a future date.  God sometimes speaks to leaders about things we think are for today, but in reality, they are events God would cause to happen in the future.  Take the time to educate people and cause them to come under the same burden and vision that you have. This will make the process much easier once God’s plan begins to unfold.

Create teams.  People work better when they have someone else to lean on now and then.  A team can encourage each other and help to share burdens.  This also allows people who are inexperienced and who would otherwise be unable to get involved the opportunity to gain experience.  They may later be able to lead a team of their own.

Pastor/Leader – explain your vision thoroughly. Most people want to follow their leader’s vision.  This is absolutely necessary in the church.  Differing visions can kill revival in the church.  “One Vision” should be the theme of every new venture of the church.  When people are following the Pastor’s vision, their own agenda does not get into the way.

Reward/Complement progress.  Pastor, brag on every success of your leaders.  This lets the congregation know that the leaders have your support and that everything is on track.  As well, it gives well deserved reward for their hard work.  Many of your leadership team are probably volunteers.  “Remember they take time away from their families, jobs and their own interests to serve under your ministry.  Most of the time without financial pay.  Reward them openly and generously at every opportunity.”

Remind the church of the vision/agenda.  It is easy for people to lose interest or to get sidetracked.  Keep your vision in front of them at all times.  Hang banners reminding the church of the vision of the church.  Use media visuals. 



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