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Sermon Prep

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Sermon Outlines

Scripture: Proverbs 4:7-7

The tithe, like the first-born, belongs to God. When you give the first fruits to God, the rest is blessed. When you keep the first, the rest is cursed.

Scripture: Psalms 25:13-13

You deserve a break today is the familiar slogan of Macdonald’s. It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it! It has a certain allure that catches our attention. I do deserve…

Scripture: Mark 4:26-26

The seed, in other words, has three levels. It is the Word of God that goes forth into our hearts. Once it is there, then we become the seed, and we together…

Topics: Revival
Scripture: Habakkuk 2:1-4

With a thankful heart, they dedicated the young lad to the Lord. After Hannah had weaned him, she brought him to the temple in Jerusalem to be tutored by the high priest.

Topics: Revival, Temple
Scripture: Habakkuk 1:5-10

Over the course of years of living for God, there comes a valuable piece of advice. Stay in the church no matter what. . . . . There will be ups and…

Scripture: Luke 5:1-1

Our fast paced and ‘microwave’ society appears to have the same mentality to life in general that I have to fishing. Desire for instant gratification is the norm. Whether it be business,…

Topics: Soul Winning
Scripture: Luke 21:25-28

911...As shocking as this statement may sound, yesterday’s events were not about the United States; they were about the United States being a friend to Israel!

Scripture: Genesis 50:20-20

26 times in the Word of God, "but God" the divine conjunction.

Topics: Faith
Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

Jesus gives us the moral of the parable when he tells us to do good to anyone in need. But He also packs the parable with Divine thoughts that convey several lessons,…

Sermon Series

Scripture: Esther

This two part series deals with a great dilemma in the book of Esther and the events that followed Haman's hanging in the story of Esther. After the cross of Christ many…

Sermons in this series: 2
Topics: The Cross
Scripture: Acts

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Do you really know who you are? In this series, “Purpose Driven Life,” we are taken on a journey that ultimately will help…

Sermons in this series: 8
Scripture: Jeremiah

Behavior does not indicate what’s going on inside of the heart. It can give us hints, but never the full truth. In this series, “Cross My Heart,” the dangers of not watching…

Sermons in this series: 5
Scripture: John

In this series we will be introduced to several people who have gathered near the cross to witness the death of Jesus Christ. We are going to talk in detail about 3…

Sermons in this series: 3
Topics: The Cross
Scripture: Proverbs

This series of messages is geared to teach us about being wise in the high-tech age in which we live. There’s only one way to do that successfully over the long haul:…

Sermons in this series: 18
Scripture: Acts

In this series we discover who we are in Christ and why we were put on this earth. This series is designed for Christians to find their Godly purpose and encourage them…

Sermons in this series: 3
Scripture: Isaiah

In this series we learn who Jesus is and what his purpose is in our lives. To understand who Jesus is and what He accomplished we must study His life, His teachings,…

Sermons in this series: 3
Scripture: 1 Peter

What ability and talent do I have that God would want? What assets do I have that God would want to use in His kingdom? By the time you finish this series…

Sermons in this series: 3
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians

There are things happening in the Spirit realm that we cannot see and we cannot understand because we haven't been praying enough. We are fighting in the flesh..and God is saying no...this…

Sermons in this series: 14
Topics: Prayer

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Give it a try — download a free sermon today!

Includes full sermon outline, an image pack and more!