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Sermon Prep

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Sermon Outlines

Scripture: Isaiah 28:15-18

The stage of Decision is the habitation of all who want to be saved.

Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

Faith is not the denial of reality, but the recognition of spiritual principles.

Topics: Faith
Scripture: Genesis 28:10-16


Topics: The Godhead
Scripture: Luke 22:47-62

What would cause a person to behave in this manner? What would cause a person to sob in the presence of God? What would cause them to wail in repentance?

Scripture: 1 Kings 22:34-35

If you have any familiarity with American history at all, I am certain that you have run across the name of George Custer. He was called the Boy General and was one…

Scripture: Acts 9:11-12

Everyone looks for someone that can be trusted. American presidential historian Robert Dallek claims that successful presidents exhibit five pivotal qualities. Want to take a guess of what hits the top five…

Topics: Faith, Trust
Scripture: Acts 4:36-36

If you could be any character in Acts, who would it be? Would it be Peter the Pentecost preacher? Would it be Dr. Luke the prolific writer? What about Paul the magnificent…

Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-3

We know Jesus received the sure mercies of David according to Paul in His resurrection.

Scripture: Acts 2:33-33

Just as Christ was resurrected by the Spirit, and sent forth that same Spirit to us.  Even the possibility of sending forth the Spirit to us required His resurrection and ascension to…

Sermon Series

Scripture: 2 Corinthians

The terms like pleading the blood, and power in the blood and cherishing the old rugged cross are all but lost today. Ask yourself if you know what these things mean? In…

Sermons in this series: 2
Scripture: Isaiah

This sermon series dives into Isaiah 55:3, Acts 13:34 and The Sure Mercies of David. We receive HIS sure MERCIES when we receive his Spirit of resurrection

Sermons in this series: 4
Scripture: Acts

“The Book Of Acts” is a series of expository preaching/notes that will give the listener an account of what happens in The Book Of Acts with commentary on each scripture within the…

Sermons in this series: 28
Scripture: Acts

“Dynamics of Preaching”? What is that? Some refer to it as “homiletics”?the science or “art of composing and preaching sermons.” This sounds too scientific, conjuring up pictures of a man wearing a…

Sermons in this series: 4
Topics: Preaching
Scripture: Matthew

When we think about blessings, we often think of material things, but in reality, the majority of our blessings are not. In this series, we find out exactly who the blessed are…

Sermons in this series: 7
Scripture: 2 Timothy

The vast majority of ‘nonbelievers’ consistently and continually deny the existence of God and they use any resource they can get their hands on to do so. Some have even gone to…

Sermons in this series: 5
Topics: Doctrine
Scripture: Esther

This two part series deals with a great dilemma in the book of Esther and the events that followed Haman's hanging in the story of Esther. After the cross of Christ many…

Sermons in this series: 2
Topics: The Cross
Scripture: Acts

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Do you really know who you are? In this series, “Purpose Driven Life,” we are taken on a journey that ultimately will help…

Sermons in this series: 8
Scripture: Jeremiah

Behavior does not indicate what’s going on inside of the heart. It can give us hints, but never the full truth. In this series, “Cross My Heart,” the dangers of not watching…

Sermons in this series: 5

Give it a try — download a free sermon today!

Includes full sermon outline, an image pack and more!


Give it a try — download a free sermon today!

Includes full sermon outline, an image pack and more!