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Sermon Outlines

Scripture: 2 Samuel 12:1-6

In this sermon we dissect the incredible story that the prophet Nathan tells to David the king about a wayfaring man. What a drama that is played out in the king’s court…

Scripture: Matthew 3:11-11

In this sermon A Baptism By Fire, Both John the Baptist and the Lord were on to something when they promised the work of fire.  Sometimes we want to focus in on…

Scripture: Philippians 1:12-12

In this sermon Desperate Places, More often than not, it is the desperate places that seem to bring out the best in men.  It also has the great potential to pull the…

Topics: God’s Word
Scripture: Daniel 10:9-14

In this lesson, Praying in the Interval, we look back in the book of Daniel and discover what praying for deeper experiences with God brought. Prayer activates angels to bring encouragement. Prayer…

Scripture: Joshua 3:1-6

In this lesson, Standing at the Edge of the River, we learn, you must come to the edge of your obstacle and face it. Allow God to work with you and through…

Topics: Fear, Trials
Scripture: Numbers 22:20-22

In this sermon, we will be introduced to the character of Balaam. We are reminded how he was backslidden, and invited the enemies into his home. He appeared to be faithful on…

Topics: Backsliding
Scripture: Acts 16:12-14

In this lesson Crashing Through, we learn that you cannot underestimate a day. Far too often in life, both spiritually and materially, there's a tendency to underestimate the value of a day’s…

Scripture: Matthew 5:41-41

In this lesson, A Two-Mile Man In A One Mile World, the mentality of the two-miler sometimes, is that, he will never get to the place that God wants him to get…

Topics: Faith
Scripture: 2 Kings 4:32-35

 In this lesson, A Dead Promise and A Living Anointing, a dead promise shows the powerful things that happen when a covering is involved. The story about Elisha will help us not…

Sermon Series

Sermons in this series: a1

Sermons in this series: a1

Sermons in this series: a5
Scripture: Mark

When approached with the idea of “Servanthood,” the majority of people reject it. That being said, those who truly desire to serve others find out that a lot of sacrifice is involved.…

Sermons in this series: a10
Scripture: Genesis

In this series, when the truth of God is given, all of this is representing the glory of the most holy God shining on you words that will change you into His…

Sermons in this series: a4
Scripture: John

In this series, we will learn of the story of Pentecost, and we will study the time leading up to Pentecost.

Sermons in this series: a3
Scripture: Psalms

In this series, It is possible to get along even though we are so different, when we do things God’s way!

Sermons in this series: a3
Topics: God’s Plan

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