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The Bait of Satan

Luke 17:1-1

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Sermon Series

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‘The Bait of Satan’ imprisons countless Christians, because they don’t see the ‘bait.’ Understanding how the devil works can give us the upper hand against him and ultimately protect us from being caught up by him. In this series, “The Bait Of Satan,” we are shown how we can better equip ourselves to overcome Satan’s temptations and what to look out for when it comes to what Satan will tempt us with in the future.

Sermons In This Series

The Bait Of Satan - Lesson 1

Luke 17:1-1

It imprisons countless Christians, severs relationships and widens the existing breaches between us. It is the trap of offense. [ read more...]

The Bait Of Satan - Lesson 2

Matthew 24:10-13

We must come to the place where we trust God and not flesh. Many give lip service to God as their source, yet they live as orphans. They take their own lives in their hands while they confess with their mouths, “He is my lord and God.” [ read more...]

The Bait Of Satan - Lesson 3

Genesis 37:3-21

We resist the devil by not becoming offended. The dream or vision will probably happen differently from how you think it will, but His Word and his promises will not fail. We only risk aborting them by our disobedience. [ read more...]

The Bait Of Satan - Lesson 4

1 Samuel 24:6-7

God never created us to live separately and independently of each other. He likes it when His children care for and nurture each other. He is frustrated when we sulk and feel sorry for ourselves, making everyone else responsible for our happiness. He wants us to be active members of the family. He wants us to get our life from Him. An isolated person seeks only his own desire, not God’s. He receives no counsel and sets himself up for deception. [ read more...]

The Bait Of Satan - Lesson 5

1 Peter 2:6-8

It is not difficult to obey when you know the character and love of the one to whom you are submitting. Love is the bottom line in our relationship with the Lord—not love of principles or teachings, but love for the Person of Jesus Christ. If that love is not firmly in place, we are susceptible to offense and stumbling. [ read more...]

The Bait Of Satan - Lesson 6

Acts 24:16-16

We grow in the tough times, not the easy times. Hard places will always come in our journey with the Lord. We cannot escape them, but need to face them for they are part of the process of becoming perfect in Him. If you choose to run from them, you will seriously hinder your growth. [ read more...]

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