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Mark 10:42-45

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Sermon Series

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Sermon Series

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When approached with the idea of “Servanthood,” the majority of people reject it. That being said, those who truly desire to serve others find out that a lot of sacrifice is involved. In this series, “Servanthood,” however, we find out that all that sacrifice pays off in a big way. If you don’t consider yourself a servant and you’re looking for that next big step in your walk with The Lord; consider the ways of “Servanthood.”

Sermons In This Series

Lesson 1 - Who Me? A Servant?

Mark 10:42-45

Jesus emphasized that those who would be known as great in the Kingdom of God would be servants. It's our attitude that is most important. We must have an attitude of serving; the desire to serve and give. One of the greatest example of this outside of Jesus Himself was the apostle Paul. Though he had all the credentials of position and authority, he considered himself the servant of all. [ read more...]

Lesson 2- Portrait of a Servant

Matthew 5:7-9

True servants are merciful. They care. They get involved. They get dirty if necessary. They offer more than just words. What do they get in return? Mercy! And not just from God, but also from men. [ read more...]

Lesson 3- The Influence of a Servant

Matthew 6:13-16

Jesus never promised us that it would be easy; He did tell us that this is a battle zone and that there would be tribulation. Yet, He also added that the influence of this small minority would be nothing short of remarkable. That the influence of His servants in society would be as significant as salt on food and light in darkness. [ read more...]

Lesson 4- A Case for Unselfishness

Mark 10:42-45

This generation has been called the "Me generation" because their attitude is 'look out for #1.' Everything is directed toward the fulfillment of self. They get uncomfortable when things are asked of them, even when God asks things of them. They've don't want to dump God entirely, just keep Him at a 'safe distance.' [ read more...]

Lesson 5- The Servant as a Giver

Philippians 2:3-5

A true giving servant reaches out without having to be invited. They sense deep hurts without being told and reach out to help. They sense hidden needs and respond without being told. [ read more...]

Lesson 6- The Servant as a Forgiver – Part 1

Matthew 5:23-24

We can only be responsible for ourselves in forgiveness. If we go with the right attitude, motive and spirit, seeking to make things right, God will honor our effort. It may take some time for God to bring about a change. We need to have patience with them like we want God to have patience with us. [ read more...]

Lesson 7- The Servant as a Forgiver – Part 2

Matthew 18:21-35

Forgiveness is the process God takes us through to heal inner wounds. You say, “I will forgive, but I cannot (will not) forget!” Conditional forgiveness is like conditional love; it is not forgiveness at all! Through forgiving God heals the wounds; through forgetting God removes the scars. [ read more...]

Lesson 8- The Rewards of Serving – Part 1

1 Corinthians 3:10-14

One of the great doctrines of Christianity is our firm belief in a heavenly home. Ultimately we shall spend eternity with God in the place he has prepared for us. Part of that excitement is the anticipation of the reward He has promised to His servants for a job well done. The Bible is very clear regarding the rewards of serving. [ read more...]

Lesson 9 The Rewards of Serving – Part 2

2 Corinthians 4:7-18

God remembers every act of servanthood, no matter how small or large it be. He takes special note of the heart; He knows the love behind our actions. As servants reach out to others, Jesus Christ’s life is modeled and a spirit of thankfulness is stimulated. Special and specific rewards are reserved in heaven for those who practice the art of unselfish living. To those who serve, to those who stand where Jesus Christ once stood many, many years ago, He promises a reward. [ read more...]

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