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Sermon Series Search Results For Topic: "Handling My Humanity"

Handling My Humanity

1 John 3:4-4

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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

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Maintaining a Godly lifestyle can be an extremely difficult task when we don’t understand God’s genuine love and compassion for us. It is so easy to become discouraged in a world full of secularly minded people that would prefer if we didn’t practice our faith in the first place. In this series, “Handling My Humanity,” we attempt to make living for God a little easier for the believer. If you can get a handle on your humanity, your spirit will finally start to shine, and your influence on others will grow tremendously.

Sermons In This Series

Twenty Reasons Not to Sin

1 John 3:4-4

The difference between heaven and hell is sin. Since the beginning of time, we've had the choice of whether we want to follow after God or indulge in our own desires, which ultimately lead us to hell. With temptations being so strong and the stains of sin penetrating so deep into the fabric of some of our lives, this message provides us with sound, biblical reasonings as to why we should consider abstaining from the sins we find so much pleasure indulging in. [ read more...]

The End of Sin

Proverbs 16:25-25

People sin because they don't see sin the same way that God does. Yet, everyone wants to die the death of the righteous, but to do that you have to live the life of the righteous. In order to reach the point where we can begin to live righteously, we must examine the "Achariyth" of our lives. [ read more...]

God’s Cure for Dirty Feet

1 John 1:5-7

A child of God will have temporary shortcomings and failures, but that doesn't mean we need to get saved all over again. We know that we're walking in the light when we are quick to repent and also careful to guard our hearts. When you live in purity to the point that sin is an abnormality; merely dust and first on our feet while our whole body is clean. [ read more...]

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