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The Abundant Life

John 10:10-10

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Sermon Series

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Sermon Series

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This 7 part series will explore God's desire for His people to live and experience the Abundant Life. The Abundant Life promised in John 10:10 should and can be experienced and lived out by every believer. This exciting series will inspire and encourage your congregation to live The Abundant Life.

Sermons In This Series

Fake News

John 10:10-10

Before one can begin to experience The Abundant Life, they must understand that they have an enemy who would rob and steal from them the promises of God. This message Fake News shows us how the enemy twists God's Word and outright lies to us to get us to disbelieve God's many promises. [ read more...]

Permission To Prosper

John 10:10-10

Too many Christians believe that living for God means living defeated lives, in destroyed homes, with no hope of ever rising above the thievery and destruction and death that the enemy has brought into their lives. The message will help your congregations understand that God has given them permission to prosper. [ read more...]

Open Windows Part 1

Malachi 3:10-10

According to Malachi 3:10, God has promised to open to us the Windows of Heaven. To understand the God's desire for us to live The Abundant Life, we have to understand what He means when His Word talks about Opening Windows in your life. Windows bring light and vision and perspective. [ read more...]

Open Windows Part 2

Malachi 3:10-10

This is part 2 of lesson #3 of the The Abundant Life. There’s not a thing wrong with talking about being blessed financially if we are going to talk about the Abundant Life. Giving is a form of worship. Just like singing. Or raising your hands. Or praising Him. [ read more...]

The More You Know

Hebrews 4:12-12

See abundant life doesn’t just happen. It happens because we are applying His Word to our lives and allowing the promises of His Word to have a positive effect in our lives. The Abundant blessings happen as a natural result of our daily living for God in such a way that good things can naturally come to us. [ read more...]

A New Normal

Philippians 1:6-6

Normal. What does that mean? Especially to the believer who is blessed to life The Abundant Life? Today we are going to talk about a New Normal for your life. Are you ready for positive, Abundant change? [ read more...]

A Blank Check

John 15:7-7

What does it mean when God writes us a blank check? Can we be trusted with that kind of blessing? God wants to bless us in more abundance than we can imagine. This message reaches into our understanding to help us realize our position as believers to receive and handle God's blessings [ read more...]

I Choose Abundance

Joel 3:14-14

So we have this promise from God that we could live an abundant life. Download this incredible sermon outline on how your congregation can accept the abundance that God has promised. [ read more...]

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