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Deuteronomy 6:23-23

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Sermon Series

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If anyone has ever done a favor for you, whether it was big or small, you know how appreciative you were of him or her for doing whatever it is they did. On a daily basis, God blesses us with things that he will never be thanked for, because we fail to see how big of a part God plays in our lives. This series focus’s on what God does for us. He is “The God That…”

Sermons In This Series

The God That Brought Us Out

Deuteronomy 6:23-23

He brought us out, to bring us in! We are the church; the called out ones. The church started on the Day of Pentecost. The Greek word is ekklesia meaning “called out.” [ read more...]

The God That Gave Moses A Stick

Exodus 4:17-17

Exodus 4 opens with a discussion between Moses and God at the burning bush. Moses is trying to make excuses of why he can’t be used by God. [ read more...]

The God That Gives

John 3:16-16

A prosperous man was making a long journey. In his bag he packed all his valuable jewels and money. A thief started to follow him, pretending to be a friend, and waiting for the opportunity to steal the wealthy man’s riches. [ read more...]

The God That Always Is

Exodus 3:14-15

He is the beginning and ending, and is there in between. He is the all—powerful—one. He is omnipotent. He is one! Hope you noticed the past, present, and future tenses utilized in this verse. He is. He was. He is to come. [ read more...]

The God That Is Preparing Our New Home

John 14:1-3

When is the last time you heard a message about heaven? When is the last time you heard a message about hell? [ read more...]

The God That Joins Together

Matthew 19:6-6

It is so amazing and incomprehensible that God, the Creator of the Universe, who owns the earth and its fullness, is concerned about something as seemingly insignificant as the marriage of a man and a woman. [ read more...]

The God That Lives

Psalms 115:3-8

Idols are on the earth. The living God is in heaven. Idols cannot move unless someone carries them. The God that lives does whatsoever He pleases. [ read more...]

The God That Promises

Romans 4:19-21

It was one of those rare moments sketched in memory. During the introduction to my Sunday morning message I asked the African village congregation, “How many promises are there in God’s Word for you!” Enthusiastically, a young girl raised her hand and said, “There is one promise in God’s Word.” Someone else added, “There are two promises.” Finally, the church drummer enthusiastically proclaimed, “There are seven promises in God’s Word for His people.” All were wrong. All were far from the answer. [ read more...]

The God That Put His Foot Down

Joshua 10:24-25

When I first arrived in Ghana, I was thirty-four. A problem came up in the church, and the Lord directed that I consult several people for advice. One was an elderly prayer warrior, Sister Juliana Monnie. I met her at the church and explained the situation. She heavily stomped her foot on the ground, and said, “Reverend, you may think that you are a small boy, but sometimes you have to put your foot down!” [ read more...]

The God That Resurrects

1 Corinthians 15:1-4

What makes Christianity different from other world religions? We serve the God that resurrects. [ read more...]

The God That Supplies

Philippians 4:19-19

Three times Jesus teaches the disciples the same lesson. Three times they failed the same test. [ read more...]

The God That Visits

Ruth 1:6-6

How can we be sure that we do not miss the visitation of Jesus in our church and in lives? We come to church expecting God to move in our lives. The Psalmist David had an attitude of expectation. [ read more...]

The God That Writes

Exodus 32:31-34

All that were born of a particular tribe were entered into a list of their respective families. This was a book of genealogical record; and when any one died his name was considered as blotted out of this list. In the above Scriptures Moses indicates that God is writing a book, and keeping a record. [ read more...]

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