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James 1:17-18

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Sermon Series

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Sermon Series

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Relationships reach into every aspect of life. While existing on different levels, each of them are vital to experiencing healthy, Christian living. This series touches on the many relationships we experience and unpacks the importance that each of them hold in our lives.

Sermons In This Series

Relationships - Part One: Understanding Who You Are

James 1:17-18

We are going to address relationships that deal with the husband, the wife, friends, and family, communication...but I want to begin this series tonight by talking about understanding yourself! [ read more...]

Relationships - Part Two: Respecting Yourself

Mark 12:30-31

If you don't respect and love yourself, you will have a very hard time respecting and loving others. If you don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to respect you? [ read more...]

Relationships -Part Three: The Need For Friends

Genesis 2:18-18

I don't know if you are the type of person that can do a lot of things alone or not, but when I try to do something alone there is something inside of me that says,, "this doesn't feel right". [ read more...]

Relationships Part Four - Communication

Genesis 3:8-8

The foundation of all relationships is communication. If there is no communication, there is no relationship. [ read more...]

Relationships Part Five - Marriage

Genesis 2:24-24

God was introducing the concept of marriage to humanity....nobody had been married fact, this was not the nature of the first marriage.... God was Adam's father and they had no mother. [ read more...]

Relationships Part Six - The Man In Marriage

Ephesians 5:25-25

On any team, each person has a role that is designed for them. God has designed specific roles for the husband and the wife. [ read more...]

Relationships Part Seven - The Woman In Marriage

1 Peter 3:1-1

We learned that men are called to love their wives even as Christ loved the church! Everything that Jesus did for the church, men ought to do for their wives! [ read more...]

Relationships Part Eight - Our Children

Titus 2:4-4

Tonight is our final lesson on the topic of relationships....but also one of the most topic tonight is Raising Children! [ read more...]

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