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Family Life

Malachi 2:10-10

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Sermon Series

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Sermon Series

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Families are suffering. All around the world, the failure of the family is causing serious problems. This sermon outline on family life will help you help your congregation.

Sermons In This Series

Introducing Family Life - Intro

Malachi 2:10-10

Families are suffering. All around the world, the failure of the family is causing serious problems. Why are families falling apart? The world has forgotten the Creator of the family and left His design out of their plans. [ read more...]

Building Your Family - Lesson 2

Psalms 127:1-1

Since Adam and Eve’s decision to know evil along with the good, men have been trying to determine good and bad according to their own thinking. The first trick of the devil (causing Eve to doubt that God meant what He said) is still working, but it does not have to keep on doing so. We have the answer if we will only use it. [ read more...]

Deciding To Marry - Lesson 3

1 Corinthians 7:2-2

According to Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia, marriage has been around since the beginning of civilization. It is defined as: “a universal institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family.” [ read more...]

Becoming A Husband - Lesson 4

Ephesians 5:23-23

Many men do not understand their role in the success of the marriage and family. God has given the family a clear path, and His methods always work well—no matter the culture and background [ read more...]

Becoming A Wife - Lesson 5

Ephesians 5:22-22

Women are special creatures. God designed them to fill a special function, but most have forgotten (or never known) God’s plan. This has caused much pain and suffering in our world. [ read more...]

Getting Ready To Marry - Lesson 6

Genesis 2:22-22

Marriage was not started in some remote corner of the world by human government. Marriage was ordained by God and started at His command in the Garden of Eden. Because of this, as the church, we have an obligation to turn the focus of marriage back to God’s original design. [ read more...]

Understanding Marriage - Lesson 7

Proverbs 5:18-18

God saw that Adam was lonely, so He made him a partner and brought her to him (Genesis 2:3, 18). God’s Word proclaims that the institution of marriage will not be dissolved until Jesus comes again (Mark 12:25; Luke 17:26-27). [ read more...]

Finding The Right Partner - Lesson 8

Proverbs 3:5-6

Marriage is not to be entered into lightly. One of the gravest mistakes made in our world is the quick and careless manner in which people get married. [ read more...]

Waiting To Say I Do - Lesson 9

Psalms 119:9-10

When the bride and groom arrive at one of the most important days of their life, will they be ready? Obedience to God’s Word is vital to having a successful marriage and family. With the wedding preparations, have they been properly prepared for the new responsibility they are facing? [ read more...]

Living Happily Ever After - Lesson 10

Luke 18:27-27

Fables are fanciful stories, and myths are tales made up to suit cultural changes and whims. However, there is a true and special story of what a marriage should be. We find this story in the pages of God’s book—the Bible. [ read more...]

Being A Godly Father - Lesson 11

Ephesians 6:4-4

Most boys of a certain age are capable of conceiving a child. This physical ability does not make them capable of being a true father. A father was designed by God to be the living picture of what He is like. Worldwide, men have fallen far short of this godly example. But Praise God, He still gives us hope. [ read more...]

Being A Godly Mother - Lesson 12

Ezekiel 16:44-44

The population of our world is growing at an amazing rate. The year 2000 population census in Ghana (West Africa) tells us that there are 724,000 babies born every year in this nation. That means, whether they are new mothers, or veterans giving birth for the fifth time, 724,000 women take on the job of motherhood every year in this one country in the vast continent of Africa. [ read more...]

Seeing Children Like God Does - Lesson 13

1 Samuel 16:7-7

Our key verse is taken from the story of Samuel choosing a new king for Israel. The prophet and priest talked to God, asking for direction, but he still looked at the situation and viewed David the way adults normally look at children as—small and insignificant. God had a plan for this shepherd boy, and God’s plan has always included children. [ read more...]

Enjoying Our Heritage And Reward - Lesson 14

Psalms 127:3-3

God made the world with a special design. He meant for every living thing to be under the dominion of man—the creature made in His image (Genesis 1:26-31). From Adam to Noah, man continued to “be fruitful and multiply.” He subdued every living thing on earth, even the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air. [ read more...]

Keeping Trouble Out By Discipline - Lesson 15

Proverbs 25:28-28

To understand the purpose of spiritual boundaries, God’s Word used the common example of a wall. The Bible contains stories and illustrations of actual walls that were in need of repair. The Book of Nehemiah tells the story of the rebuilding of the wall around the city of Jerusalem. [ read more...]

Build An Ark...Again - Lesson 16

Matthew 24:37-39

Genesis 6 tells the familiar story of how wicked the people God created became. There was violence and fighting, evil and selfishness. The things that happened, thousands of years ago, are like seeing a picture of our world. [ read more...]

Believeing Means Obeying - Lesson 17

Genesis 3:1-5

It is important to know God’s Word. It is vital to our eternal destiny. God created man and gave him dominion over everything in the Garden of Eden, including his helpmeet. Adam told Eve what God had said. [ read more...]

Bolting The Door - Lesson 18

Matthew 19:8-8

In What My Parents Did Right (compiled and edited by Gloria Gaither), Jill Briscoe (British author and speaker) tells of a well-known saying in her parents’ home: “When the doors on a marriage are shut and bolted and a fire breaks out, all your time and energy goes to putting out the flames.” [ read more...]

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