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Nine Tests Every Christian Must Face

Deuteronomy 8:2-2

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Everyone’s walk with God is unique to them, because everyone is different than each other. However, in this series, “Nine Tests Every Christian Must Face,” we learn about nine different things all Christians will go through. Understanding these ‘tests’ God puts us through will help us get through them easier. If you feel like God’s been testing you and you cant seem to figure out what he’s trying to show you; then consider this series.

Sermons In This Series

Lesson 1 - The Wilderness Test

Deuteronomy 8:2-2

The word “wilderness” is defined as a desert place; a place uncultivated or lived in; a state of disorder. Wildernesses are places of difficulties, pressures, insufficient resources, and oppositions. However, while God's testing may be universal, it's left up to our personal inclinations to determine the outcome of the trial. [ read more...]

Lesson 2 - The Time Test

Genesis 12:1-2

God has never made a promise that won't come to pass. He causes us to wait in order that we may develop maturity. In order to receive His promises, we must pass His 'Time Test.' [ read more...]

Lesson 3 - The Motivation Test

John 3:252-25

The Motivation Test occurs when God exposes the Christian to forces that influence our decision-making process. This test allows not only God to see who we serve, but shows us too. If you can make it through the motivation test, you're on a path of righteousness. [ read more...]

Lesson 4 - The Failure Test

Joshua 7:2-3

God gives us the failure test in order to cause to us realize that we cannot trust in our own abilities, strengths, and gifts. It reminds us that we need God, we need mercy, and we need His grace. To succeed, we need God's favor and divine help. [ read more...]

Lesson 5 - The Self-Will Test

Matthew 26:36-36

Self-will is defined as pleasing ones self. Especially when it's in opposition to the wishes or desires of others. When we are willing to lay down our lives in submission, then we have passed the self-will test. [ read more...]

Lesson 6 - The Discouragement Test

1 Kings 19:1-2

At some point in life, everyone will face discouragement. Whether we're afraid, fatigued, frustrated, forsaken, or feel like a failure, we must remember that, even in our trails, God is always there for us. It's how we deal with discouragement that determines our successes, failures, and the amount of blessings God will pour out. [ read more...]

Lesson 7 - The Misunderstanding Test

Luke 19:10-10

Everyone will be misunderstood at some point in his or her life. How one deals with misunderstandings reveals one's character, maturity, and ability to lead. Failing the misunderstanding test often leaves us defeated and embittered, however, passing it brings us closer to the character of Christ. [ read more...]

Lesson 8 - The Frustration Test

2 Corinthians 11:16-16

Frustration is an emotion that occurs in situations where one is blocked from reaching a personal goal. How we handle these frustrations determines who we are and where we're going. Your promises, successes, and leadership depend upon you passing the frustration test. [ read more...]

Lesson 9 - The Servant Test

1 Kings 19:19-19

The last lesson Christ taught to His disciples before Calvary was about being a servant. He used a pan of water and a towel to show who would be the greatest in His kingdom. What we hear on judgement day depends upon how we do on the servant test. [ read more...]

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