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Barnabas Notes

1 John 2:4-4

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Sermon Series

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Sermons In This Series

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 1 - The Word of Life

1 John 2:4-4

Several months ago, I happened across a blog article written by Phil Johnson who is the clean-up hitter for a blog team deemed “Pyromaniacs.” There was an article written there about how that he had been invited to be a youth pastor back in the ‘80’s at a church in Florida. He wrote that he decided that instead of doing the usual “cool” youth things that he would simply work through the 1st Epistle of John in a verse-by-verse method with this youth group. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 2 - The Focus of Fellowship

1 John 1:1-4

There are some significant thoughts that John will raise throughout this epistle. The key theme of thought would be “tests.” There are certain tests that prove seek to prove us. John not only develops this idea of a test proving us but he also determines that those who fail the test are not in the Church. Each of these tests is basically exclusive to each other and yet there is such an interlinking of each test that the failure of one test will certainly affect the outcome in another test. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 3 - The Focus of Truth

1 John 2:1-1

Once one becomes confident of the power of the Word and the work of the Spirit an amazing thing will happen in one’s life. This confidence will produce a passion that will translate into a dogma. This confidence will give us the boldness of speech that will assist us in reaching our world for the cause of Christ [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 4 - The Right Attitude Toward Sin

1 John 6:2-2

One of the ways that we look at sin is clearly a reflection of our relationship with God. If there is a tendency in one’s heart to dismiss sin or to look lightly upon it, then this clearly demonstrates a very low view of God and His high call to holiness. If one is willing to openly confess and declare that the heart is deceitfully wicked (Jeremiah 17:9), then the process of repentance can begin. When sin is viewed as something that is vile and ugly, conviction can grip our lives and direct us toward true spiritual regeneration by the work of the Holy Ghost. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 5 - Confession and Repentance of Sin

1 John 9:2-22

Repentance is a very crucial in the process of salvation. Furthermore, when one explores Scripture there is much said about repentance. Not only is repentance a necessity for salvation it is also to be an ongoing aspect in the life of a saint. It has to be a habitual and conscious act that bolsters our walk with God. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 6 - The Divine Defense Attorney

1 John 9:2-2

One of the most powerful discoveries and perhaps even a weapon that a saint of God has is the understanding that his sin has been totally forgiven. When we look back to the Old Testament and work through the offerings and ministry of the priests, we can understand that the sins of the people were only rolled forward and were not literally wiped away. The great value of the Gospel is that forgiveness of sin can come to our lives through the work of Calvary. Sin is not merely pushed forward but it is literally done away through the work of the shed blood of Jesus. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 7 - The Destruction of Doubt By Obedience

1 John 2:3-6

It is with some trepidation that I enter this area of 1st John because of the content of the next few Scriptures that we will walk through. We shall not allow the Scriptures to say what they are not saying but we must allow them to say what is clearly written. Therefore, with that understanding of what Scripture states, I am certain that a person can know beyond the shadow of a doubt the absolute certainty of salvation. “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.” [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 8 - An Old But New Commandment

1 John 5:13-13

This purpose is that the saint of God may know and understand the certainty of eternal life. There is an obvious reward that comes from knowing that eternal life belongs to him which is so that his “joy may be full” (1st John 1:4; 2nd John 1:12; 3rd John 4). [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 9 - The Discipline Of Spiritual Growth

1 John 2:12-12

One of the most important tasks in the life of a saint of God is to have true spiritual growth. In this segment of Scripture, one notes that John is laying out a natural progression that should occur in the life of all who have been filled with the Spirit. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 10 - The Love That God Hates

1 John 2:15-17

With an understanding that there is a perfect love of God, then one must explore the other end of the spectrum and see that there are some things that God also hates [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 11 - Why A Saint Cannot Love The World

1 John 2:15-17

Gently and slowly it seeks its way into the heart, and hardens it day by day, even while the possessor of that heart may be more or less unconscious of the change that is going on. This is backsliding. Sin permitted, the heart gradually hardened, unbelief taking his place on the throne, and then, departure from the living God. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 13 - The Saint and the Spirit of Antichrist

2 John 2:18-23

John is writing and stating that this spirit of antichrist is one that is against Jesus Christ and His church or a more subtle approach is getting one to use anything as a substitute for Him. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 12 - The Cardiology of Worldliness

1 John 2:5-7

This matrix of evil is how the devil and his demons have entire control over all sinners who are part of the kingdom of the world. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 14 - The Marks of the Saint and the Marks of the Defector

1 John 2:19-26

The passage that we come to indicates that there are some who came in but time proved that the Spirit was only allowed to have a limited impact in their life. While a real conversion did take place, a sense of perseverance never entered the life of this man and the journey was forsaken. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 15 - The Power of Hope

1 John 2:28-3

Every saint of God can have complete confidence in their relationship with God. Confidence (2:28) comes from the hope (3:3) that is in him which leads him to walk in great godliness and holiness. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 16 - How Hope Purifies

1 John 3:1-3

Purification gives rise to thoughts of holiness and sanctification. Interestingly, in the previous two chapters, John has prevailed with the thought that doctrine matters because it influences our thinking and thinking affects the way that we live our lives. [ read more...]

Barnabas Notes - Lesson 17 - What The Devil Does Not Want You To Know About Hope

1 John 3:1-3

When one delves into this thought of hope, there are some characteristics about hope that the devil does not want a saint to be aware of. [ read more...]

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