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Sermon Series Search Results For Topic: "Evolution: The Lie"

Evolution: The Lie

Genesis 1:1-1

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In the society we live in, Christians are discouraged by scientific “facts” and “evidence” in support of secular thinking, but rarely do Christians have the opportunity to discourage secular thinkers with the truths of the bible. In this series, “Evolution: The Lie,” we are shown why secular thinkers are wrong in their beliefs and why you should still put God as your first priority in life.

Sermons In This Series

Evolution: The Lie #1

Genesis 1:1-1

The more our so-called 'civilized nations' reject the God of creation, the more they will degenerate to a 'primitive culture.' Thus, a culture should not be interpreted according to whether they are primitive or advanced, but every aspect of their culture must be judged against the standards of God’s Word. How does our nation measure up? [ read more...]

Evolution: The Lie #2

Romans 1:20-25

How do you decide if something is right or wrong, or good or bad? God, the only One who is good, created us, and therefore owns us. We're obligated to Him and we must obey Him. He has the right to set the rules. He knows everything there is to know about everything and therefore we must obey. That is why we have absolutes, why there are standards, and why there is right and wrong. [ read more...]

Evolution: The Lie #3

Acts 1:7-26

Over the years, many people have made the argument that people of a white skin tone sit higher on the food chain that people of other skin colors. However, this just isn't biblical. In this message, God's view on a prejudice is brought into the light for all to see. [ read more...]

Evolution: The Lie #4

Genesis 1:26-28

Scientists have never seen a language system as complex as the one in our DNA evolve by 'chance.' They know that it takes information to get information, yet refuse to consider the possibility that the vast amount of information contained in life on earth was programmed by intelligence. They refuse to accept the possibility that the God of creation is that intelligence. [ read more...]

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