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Blessed are the...

Matthew 5:4-4

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Sermon Series

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When we think about blessings, we often think of material things, but in reality, the majority of our blessings are not. In this series, we find out exactly who the blessed are and why they are blessed.

Sermons In This Series

Blessed Are They That Mourn

Matthew 5:4-4

When our hearts are breaking and our eyes are blinded with tears, it’s hard to see the sovereign hand of God guiding our every step. We suffer until the purposes of God become apparent to us, which may not happen for many years or even in this life. But if we endure to the end and run the race that is set before us with patience, our tears will turn to joy and our sorrow into singing. Those who mourn will be comforted. God guarantees it. [ read more...]

Blessed Are The Meek

Matthew 5:5-5

Does being meek mean we allow the aggressive to run over us? Does it mean we stand silent, head bowed, while being verbally abused? No. Meekness speaks the truth in love. It stands its ground calmly and resolutely. [ read more...]

Blessed Are They Which Do Hunger And Thirst

Matthew 5:6-6

Are you looking for a real happiness? When you hunger and thirst after righteousness as desperately as a drowning man craves air; you’ll find it. It’s not just feeling; it’s living faith. It’s not sensation; it’s salvation. It’s not religion; it’s righteousness through responsibility. Happy are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. [ read more...]

Blessed Are The Peace Makers

Matthew 5:9-9

One of the great blessings that a peacemaker can enjoy is a life of simplicity. They rarely are the most noticed people, but wherever they are there is a calming presence of righteousness and truth. At the center of that simplicity is the ownership of God as Father. The Lord literally owns those who are the peacemakers. That needs to be an encouragement for all who are living out the Christian life. [ read more...]

Blessed Are The Persecuted

Matthew 5:10-10

Persecution is the wind that spreads the fire of truth. When persecution swept through Jerusalem, the Christians scattered abroad and preached the gospel everywhere. Persecution purifies the church. It drives out the spiritual cowardice, the faint-heartedness. [ read more...]

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

Matthew 5:8-8

Will you see God face to face? If you allow God to make your heart pure by the washing of the Word and the crimson stream from Calvary, you will see the living God face to face. God guarantees it! Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God! [ read more...]

Blessed Are The Reviled

Matthew 5:11-11

How do we face criticism? If it’s untrue, disregard it. If it’s unfair, keep from losing composer. If it’s ignorant, smile. If it’s justified, learn from it. In doing so, we will take an adversity and convert it to an asset, and learn more deeply how to be happy in an unhappy world. [ read more...]

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