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Titus 2:15-11

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This is a comprehensive series on the powerful authority of God. The subject of authority is possibly the most needful understanding of our generation. This series was designed to help assist and lift up the ministry of the pastor in these difficult times.

Sermons In This Series

Understanding the Authority of God - #01

Titus 2:15-11

We can't enter into the work of the Spirit just because we think we're ready. We're not to find our own work to do, but rather find God’s will for our life and obey it. After we understand this, we can enjoy the wonderful experience of walking in God’s authority. [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #02

Galatians 3:22-29

All authority starts with and flows from God. Yet, our culture has developed the habit of being in charge without knowing how to be obedient. However, It's needful that we learn both how to be under and in authority if we're going to live a balanced life. [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #03

1 Corinthians 2:7-11

Those that aren't subject to authority shall be slaves to those that are. Anyone that wishes to serve must be obedient. You cannot serve lawlessness! [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #04

1 Peter 3:1-7

Authority given by God is not attained by position. Its attained by a relationship with God. You can't attain spiritual authority by looking for a leadership role; natural authority is gained that way. But God gives authority to whom He chooses, not who begs the most! [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #05

1 Samuel 16:11-23

One of the things that made David such a great King was his understanding of authority. For example, David saw and acknowledged Saul's authority and would rather run for his life then to put his hands against it. David knew that being in subjection to authority isn't being subject to a person, but rather being subject to the anointing of the Lord upon a person. [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #06

Hebrews 5:7-14

When Paul realized the authority of the Gospel, he readily repented. He demonstrated his understanding of grace by obedience to God's authority. We receive His life through faith, and then submit to His authority; faith without works is dead. [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #07

Romans 13:1-7

God is the source of all authority. God designed authority to manifest himself in man; when you meet authority, you meet God. There is no authority, but of God. [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #08

Acts 5:16-42

Delegated authority is such a critical matter. We cannot reject delegated authorities and then just obey God directly. God views them that reject delegated authority as rejecting the authority of God Himself. If we will honor the authority of God in others, He will honor it in us. [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #09

1 Corinthians 11:1-3

God has place institutional authority in the world, but it definitely has faults and limitations. Why? Because people can misuse authority and people can submit without having a true heart. However, people may misuse people, but the head will never misuse the body! [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #10

Mark 2:6-11

As people, we tend to fortify our thought processes with reason. Yet, there comes a day when God smashes through all that. Full deliverance is when your mind is given over to the love of the Father and His word. When that happens, we become less opinionated and more submitted to the simplicity of Christ's logic. [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #11

Acts 5:28-29

Submission is absolute, but obedience is relative. That almost sounds like false doctrine doesn't it? What most don't understand is that submission is a matter of attitude, whereas obedience is a matter of conduct! [ read more...]

Understanding the Authority of God - #12

Genesis 1:29-31

People wreck God’s established order when they chose who and what they wish to obey. Whenever a church gets a “buffet attitude” things are thrown off course. A watchman warns, but people have to make up their mind to obey. [ read more...]

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