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A Man Of Macedonia

Acts 16:9-10

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Alexander the Great was from Macedonia and went on a military campaign where he and his armies conquered most of the known world at the time. Not only did he conquer the world, but he managed to get most of the regions that he conquered to declare him to be a living god. His home town of Macedonia thought of him as a son of Zeus; the priests in Jerusalem didn’t declare him to be God, but they did tell him that he was the fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel 8; the Egyptians did declare him to be Pharaoh and the son of the god Amun; there are some who even think that he influenced the development of Buddhism. Everywhere that Alexander the Great, the original “Man of Macedonia,” went he was told that he was divine; a living deity living among mortal men. What Alexander The Great didn't realize was the impact he would have on people after his death.

Sermons In This Series

A Man Of Macedonia Part One

Acts 16:9-10

Whether the man from Macedonia was Alexander the Great begging Paul to save his brethren or whether it was just a vision sent by God, the fact remains that God did not forget the people of Macedonia even 400 years after their king declared himself to be equal to God. If God will not forget Macedonia, then it is not too late for you and I. [ read more...]

A Man Of Macedonia Part Two

Acts 16:9-10

God does not say that he is going to pour out his Spirit on all men; he says he will pour out his Spirit on all flesh. He does not say that your sons shall prophesy; he says that your sons and daughters shall prophesy. God has every intention of making sure that both men and women have an equal place in the church. [ read more...]

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