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Law School Sermon Series

Mark 14:3-9

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Twice in His life was Jesus anointed. It is interesting to note, too, that in both instances the homeowner’s name was Simon. It has been said that the world has yet to see what God can do through a man who is fully committed to Him.

Sermons In This Series

The Law Of Christian Devotion - Part 1

Mark 14:3-9

Twice in His life was Jesus anointed. It is interesting to note, too, that in both instances the homeowner’s name was Simon. It has been said that the world has yet to see what God can do through a man who is fully committed to Him. [ read more...]

The Law Of Compensation - Part 2

Mark 4:24-29

This passage, to some, can be difficult to grasp. The light reader and surface thinker will not understand what Jesus is saying. Jesus said, “Share the truth;” and… [ read more...]

The Law Of Divine Judgment - Part 3

Matthew 24:14-29

When studying Scripture, one must keep this very important truth in mind: it is very strong in Eastern culture, because that is its origin. Our text has a very strong Eastern coloring, and it is best understood and appreciated by those who live in the Middle East. [ read more...]

The Law Of Fasting - Part 4

Matthew 9:14-17

Of all the spiritual disciplines put forth by the Word of God, fasting is probably one of the most neglected. Fasting is one of the most, if not the most, significant forms of self-discipline a person can engage in... [ read more...]

The Law Of Gradual Advance - Part 5

Mark 4:26-29

No nation comes to eminence in character, and to a corresponding supremacy in position, without many painful preparatory processes. [ read more...]

The Law Of Liberty - Part 6

Galatians 5:13-14

At the close of an important speech to Congress on January 6, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt shared his vision of the kind of world he wanted to see after the war was over. He envisioned four basic freedoms enjoyed by all people... [ read more...]

The Law Of Habit - Part 7

Matthew 13:11-12

When most people hear the word, HABIT, a negative thought pops into their minds. For some reason, most people think of a habit as being negative.. [ read more...]

The Law Of Increase - Part 8

Mark 4:25-25

It would be nearly impossible to number the plethora of pages that have been dedicated to instruction on our preaching. However, when we take a hard look at what our Lord’s focus was, we soon discover that His principle concern was on our hearing. [ read more...]

The Law Of Love - Part 9

Matthew 22:34-40

Someone has said that love may not make the world go around, but it makes the trip worthwhile. Those words perhaps gather up the sentiment of the world that the sweetest and most exhilarating of all emotions and experiences is love. [ read more...]

The Law Of Mutual Dependence - Part 10

Ephesians 4:11-16

Architecture, one of the most attractive arts and sciences, has conceived and executed many wonderful buildings. Its crowning triumph is to embody in the lifeless stone a living idea. [ read more...]

The Law Of Recompense -Part 11

Galatians 6:7-9

Several years ago, when we were putting the finishing touches on the new church facilities in Haynesville, I called the State Fire Marshall and asked him to come and inspect us. [ read more...]

The Law Of Service - Part 12

Mark 10:43-45

Franklin Roosevelt’s closest adviser during much of his presidency was a man named Harry Hopkins. During World War II, when his influence with Roosevelt was at its peak, Hopkins held no official Cabinet position. [ read more...]

The Law Of Sin - Part 13

Romans 7:21-25

Ken Gurley, in his book, Rembrandt’s Ruin, writes about the man from whom his book’s title comes. Rembrandt was the man’s first name, but that was and is the only cognomen needed to identify this artist. [ read more...]

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The Why's and Wonders of Worship

When we worship God; we are paying homage to Him for what He has done in our lives. Everyday, God works miracles in all of our lives, whether we see the miracles or not is another story. In this series, “The Why's and Wonders of Worship,” we dive into worship with a refreshing outlook. This series is for those who haven’t grasped what true, genuine worship is yet. [ read more... ]

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The Path To Freedom

When we begin our lives, we are very much like a new car that is just off the show room floor. However, over time, life has a way of bringing dings and rust into our lives. Life can literally wear you out! [ read more... ]

Image for series You Matter

You Matter

People Matter. They matter to God and they should matter to us. One of the biggest hindrances to growth in any church is the general lack of compassion for other people. We easily find reason to dismiss someone from being someone we would introduce to Jesus due to how they look or what our impression of them is. However, They Matter. Just how they are at this very moment. This series will help your church to understand the urgent need to love people and to embrace them regardless of where they are at in their life. Without this, people will remain lost and our churches will not grow. [ read more... ]

Image for series The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

In this series, we are taught about what The Lord's Prayer is and the purpose it serves in our lives. Spread out across four lessons, this series teaches us about what true prayer looks and sounds like. This is the message that those who struggle with prayer need to hear. It simplifies prayer and shows us that prayer is no more than just a conversation between God and you, but that there is, without a doubt, a way to go about it. [ read more... ]

Image for series Wisdom For Today

Wisdom For Today

Today we begin a new series I’m calling WISDOM FOR TODAY. - This series of messages is geared to teach us about being wise in the high-tech age in which we live. - There’s only one way to do that successfully over the long haul: you have to develop wisdom. - For the next several weeks, we will look at ways we can apply God’s wisdom to basically every area of our lives – our spiritual lives, our jobs, our friendships, our finances, and on and on. We will need a good reference book for our study. Our source for this series is the Bible, and, more specifically, the book of Proverbs. [ read more... ]

Image for series We Need to Pray

We Need to Pray

There are things happening in the Spirit realm that we cannot see and we cannot understand because we haven't been praying enough. We are fighting in the flesh..and God is saying no...this is a spiritual fight! This 7 part series will challenge your church to pray like never before. [ read more... ]

Image for series This Means War

This Means War

We stand in the strength of the Holy Ghost, covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, and on the authority of God’s Word to fight back. Are there any believers left who are indignant at the assault of the enemy? Where are the redeemed who are still proud of their God and still mad at the devil? This means war! [ read more... ]

Image for series The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Believe it or not, forgiveness is a greatly misunderstood topic to many Christians. There's a reason why some walk with their heads hung so low and others don't; its because some haven't truly accepted the power of forgiveness. This series unveils the truth behind the power of forgiveness and inspires the listener to be more forgiving to both others and themselves. [ read more... ]

Image for series The God That...

The God That...

If anyone has ever done a favor for you, whether it was big or small, you know how appreciative you were of him or her for doing whatever it is they did. On a daily basis, God blesses us with things that he will never be thanked for, because we fail to see how big of a part God plays in our lives. This series focus’s on what God does for us. He is “The God That…” [ read more... ]

Image for series The Book of Colossians

The Book of Colossians

“The Book Of Colossians” is a series of expository preaching/notes that will give the listener an account of what happens in The Book of Colossians with commentary on each scripture within the text. [ read more... ]

Image for series Blessed are the...

Blessed are the...

When we think about blessings, we often think of material things, but in reality, the majority of our blessings are not. In this series, we find out exactly who the blessed are and why they are blessed. [ read more... ]

Image for series The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes

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Image for series The Bait of Satan

The Bait of Satan

‘The Bait of Satan’ imprisons countless Christians, because they don’t see the ‘bait.’ Understanding how the devil works can give us the upper hand against him and ultimately protect us from being caught up by him. In this series, “The Bait Of Satan,” we are shown how we can better equip ourselves to overcome Satan’s temptations and what to look out for when it comes to what Satan will tempt us with in the future. [ read more... ]

Image for series Tempted


Today we will begin a 3 part series called “Tempted.” In this series we will be looking at the biblical account of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness found in Matthew 4. We will look at each temptation Jesus faced and then investigate how each temptation relates to us personally. We will try to answer the question of why temptation comes to us and what purpose temptation serves. In the end I hope we will all find ways to overcome temptation by looking at how Jesus overcame. [ read more... ]

Image for series Soul Winning

Soul Winning

The two most important characteristics of a soul winner are: compassion for souls and the joy of the lord. Understand, there is a lot more to winning someone over to The Lord than just caring about them, but with the help of this series, “Soul Winning,” we can unlock the secrets of persuading secular people into a spiritual mindset. [ read more... ]

Image for series Servanthood


When approached with the idea of “Servanthood,” the majority of people reject it. That being said, those who truly desire to serve others find out that a lot of sacrifice is involved. In this series, “Servanthood,” however, we find out that all that sacrifice pays off in a big way. If you don’t consider yourself a servant and you’re looking for that next big step in your walk with The Lord; consider the ways of “Servanthood.” [ read more... ]

Image for series Sermon on the Mount

Sermon on the Mount

When Jesus preached his ‘Sermon On The Mount,’ he didn’t climb up so that more people could see him or hear him; he climbed to teach those who followed him. In ‘Sermon On The Mount,’ Jesus tells us to get real about our attitude and relationship with him. He’s not interested in disciplining those who just hear His Word, he wants to teach those who follow it. [ read more... ]

Image for series Recover All

Recover All

Have you lost God during your walk with him? Do you wish there was an ‘undo’ button in your life, because you desire to do things that please God, but continuously fail due to your own lusts and personal desires? In this series, “Recover All,” we find out what it takes to hop back on the right track with God and discover that following a few simple, but essential principles can completely transform who you are and where you stand with God! [ read more... ]

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