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Keep It Simple, Cupid

Deuteronomy 6:5-5

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Your earthly spouse likely has only one love language, so it should be simple for you to find that language to show them that you love them. For the Lord, it is even easier. The Lord loves his bride, the church. If we, as the church, love our husband, we will express that love in our love language. He speaks all the love languages and will accept your affection in whatever way you can express it.

Sermons In This Series

Keep It Simple, Cupid Part One

Deuteronomy 6:5-5

While most of us probably only have a single love language that we understand, the Lord speaks all of them. He has a favorite, but he understands all of them. If you speak any of the five love languages to your Spiritual Husband, he will understand it and receive it. So, if you are someone who expresses your love by giving gifts, he can receive those gifts and understands that it is your way of expressing love. [ read more...]

Keep It Simple, Cupid Part Two

John 13:35-35

Per Dr. Chapman, each person has one of these ways that they prefer to receive their love. Some people see gifts as a sign of someone’s love for them while someone else may prefer quality time as their love language. It’s important to know what someone’s preferred method of communication is if you want to express your love for them. [ read more...]

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