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God Uses Ordinary People

John 6:1-14

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We have all heard the, what has now become clich?, scriptures that people quote for encouragement, but how many of us still truly believe that God can use us? Throughout the bible, time and time again, God has used ordinary people to do extraordinary things and I can guarantee that the majority of those who were used never thought they would reach the heights God brought them to. In this series, “God Uses Ordinary People,” we are reaffirmed, through His Word, that God can use us in a mighty way and are shown some specific occasions were God did something magnificent by using one of his faithful followers.

Sermons In This Series

Ordinary People - The Lad With The Lunch

John 6:1-14

What will we as believers do with our God given talents? There is so much to do, and every Christian has an important role to play. Idleness, indifference, and mediocrity have no place in the kingdom of God. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - A Woman Of Samaria

John 4:9-30

Only the Lord knew the intense hunger the woman of Samaria felt and how desperately she needed to be reached. But Jesus’ approach disarmed her resistance. Overwhelmed by His offer of living water, she could not refuse. As the light of revelation dawned in her darkened soul, she became excited over who Jesus was and His ability to uncover the wrong in her life. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - The Syrophenician Woman

Matthew 15:21-28

The Syrophenician woman carried no genealogical credentials that would have made her immediately included in the ministry and miracles of Jesus Christ, but it did not deter her. This desperate, faith-filled Syrophenician woman implored the Master for mercy. She reached through the veil of generational boundaries and found a handhold on the coming “new covenant.” [ read more...]

Ordinary People - Esther-Woman of Intercession

Esther 4:8-16

God has not changed. He still uses ordinary people to accomplish His will for this world. Every Christian should consider whether he is willing to be a vessel God can use to carry out His plan. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - Mary of Bethany-Worship

Luke 10:38-42

Mary and Martha essentially were no different from any of us. They exhibited actions and behaviors that we also tend to exhibit. We have the potential to be busy in natural affairs and insensitive to the presence of God like Martha, or we can possess the same spirit as Mary. The decision is up to us. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - Ananias-Sensitivity

Acts 9:10-18

How important is prayer in a Christian’s life! Prayer in our daily life is vital to having a genuine relationship with God. Without prayer it would be impossible to be sensitive enough to know the will and desire of God in this life. [ read more...]

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