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Father Knows Best

Exodus 2:1511-1511

Topics: Father's Day

Did you realize that the people with whom God associated himself in this world in those ancient days, the three great Patriarchs of what became a great nation of Israel, all had wives who were BARREN? God is known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. These are the patriarchs whose children were born and became a great and mighty nation. They fathered children, born from a woman who could not produce children in their own power. Women who were barren and touched by God to accomplish the very thing that would bring this nation into existence. If God is going to be associated with anybody in this world, it is going to be with people who have exhausted their own strength and reach out to Him to do what needs to be done. In all your discouragement, you can’t go too far from God. God reached way over and manifested in a burning bush at a place of barrenness. To speak to Moses. God will be the God of anyone who is barren in themselves and knows it.

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