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Sermon Outlines
Lesson 7: The Brazen Altar
Exodus 27:1-8
In this lesson we learn about The Brazen Altar & how every part of the fresh mercies that Israel received and the blessings they received all were attached to this single altar of sacrifice.

Sermons in this Series:

Exodus 25:9-9
In this lesson we uncover the hidden and veiled eternal truths that will become clear as we compare the life of Christ with the Tabernacle…
Exodus 25:10-22
In this lesson you will dive deeper into The Ark of the Covenant & the Mercy Seat.
Exodus 25:23-30
This lesson focuses on spiritual hunger and the second piece of furniture that is presented in the Tabernacle.
Exodus 25:31-40
In this lesson you will learn how God is light and the truth is enlightening. Then we will expand on how this is related to…
Exodus 30:11-10
This next lesson is about the Altar of Incense. Or it could be commonly understood as the second altar or the altar of prayer.
Exodus 30:17-21
This lesson talks about The Brazen Laver and describes the far reaching ability of God to cleanse the vilest of sins and to cover them.

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