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Part 3: Sure Mercies And Five Giants -
Sermon Outlines
Part 3: Sure Mercies And Five Giants
2 Samuel 21:15-22
David killed Goliath as a youth, after taking five stones. But he only used one of those stones to slay the giant. Four other stones were left.

Sermons in this Series:

1 Samuel 15:23-28
Paul preached in Antioch the Gospel, proving that Jesus was the Messiah the prophets told would come. And as one of his proofs from the…
1 Chronicles 17:13-13
Jesus had this blessing upon Him as SON OF DAVID and SON OF GOD. People actually received blessings and mercy from Him because of it!
2 Chronicles 6:41-3
We receive HIS sure MERCIES when we receive his Spirit of resurrection. This mercy of resurrection is ultimate, because His resurrection was not like Lazarus'…

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