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Sermon Outlines
Lesson 3: Outside The Box – Evangelism
Mark 2:1-12
An Outside the Box Church is a church that is willing to do whatever it needs to do to reach it’s communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Sermons in this Series:

Acts 19:1-10
When you look at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, you see very quickly that His ministry was definitely an “outside the box” ministry.…
Luke 25:37-37
Compassion will take this church to a place that good preaching  and good worship and good fellowship, will never take it. Compassion caused miracles in…
Proverbs 18:24-24
We may not deserve His friendship...we may not want His friendship...we may not think we are worthy of it, but Jesus wants to have a…
Luke 6:27-36
Grace is not merely unmerited favor; it is favor bestowed on sinners who deserve wrath. Showing kindness to a stranger is "unmerited favor"; but doing…
John 14:15-26
What does it really mean to be "Filled With The Spirit?" Many churches and people say that they are Spirit Filled. Have these truly stepped…
John 7:37-37
There is only one requirement for us as a church and as individuals: to become a Spirit Filled and Spirit Led Church.
Acts 16:25-26
Paul and Silas found out that Praise and Worship has the tendency to release you from whatever it is the enemy has built around you…

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