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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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He Is Coming Soon

Scripture: Acts 1:11-11
In this sermon: He Is Coming Soon, we look forward to the coming of the Lord, not death. He can come at any moment—in the twinkling of an […]

Guidelines for Setting Goals

Scripture: Acts 13:36-36
In this sermon Guidelines for Setting Goals, setting and achieving goals help us fulfill our purpose. Deep within each of us is a desire to make a difference.
Topics: Goal Setting

Great Expectations

Scripture: Acts 4:33-33
In this sermon Great Expectations, much has been written about financial or economic prosperity. This lesson deals with ways that the Lord would like to prosper us spiritually—prosper […]

Further Truth for Serious Seekers

Scripture: Acts 17:11-11
A mistake often made when witnessing to people from various denominational backgrounds is the failure to recognize that God has been at work in their lives. They may […]
Topics: Truth

For Such a Time as This

Scripture: Acts 2:1-1
This lesson For Such a Time as This, is on the importance of “timing” in our lives, ministries, and leadership. To every thing there is a season, and […]

Five Ingredients of Revival Churches

Scripture: Acts 2:16-18
Five Ingredients of Revival Churches, teaches us when we put emphasis on prayer, revival happens. Prayer is dealt with in other lessons, but let us look at a few […]
Topics: Revival

Dropping Tradition; Accepting Truth

Scripture: Acts 17:11-11
In this sermon Dropping Tradition; Accepting Truth, These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched […]
Topics: Doctrine

Continuing in His Steps

Scripture: Acts 1:1-1
In this sermon Continuing in His Steps, Jesus walked on this earth for more than thirty years, died at Calvary, and rose again to redeem mankind. The Book […]

Checking for Cracks in the Foundation

Scripture: Acts 23:11-1
In this sermon Checking for Cracks in the Foundation, integrity is like a new building under construction. It is built one block at a time. The proper decisions […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

Change Agents in the Church Today

Scripture: Acts 6:14-14
The process of salvation is a process of change. God expects a change in our actions and attitude (called repentance). In this sermon Change Agents in the Church […]

Change: Let It Begin with Me

Scripture: Acts 9:6-6
In this sermon Change: Let It Begin with Me, what would you like to accomplish in your lifetime? What are you doing today to make it happen? In […]
Topics: Evangelism, Prayer

Celebrating Every Breakthrough

Scripture: Acts 14:27-27
In this lesson Celebrating Every Breakthrough,  Poor communication exists despite the modern information technology we presently enjoy. Once you have determined your vision and your goals, people will […]
Topics: Communication

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