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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Five Reasons We Cannot Make It Without Prayer

Scripture: Ephesians 6:18-19
There is no replacement for prayer. Church attendance, praise, singing, working for the church, giving can never replace your prayer. There are things that God wants to give […]
Topics: Prayer

Helping People Receive The Holy Ghost - Notes

Scripture: Acts 1:8-8
In this sermon Helping People Receive The Holy Ghost – Notes, The Holy Ghost is the greatest miracle God performs today.  We are living in a the time […]

Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth

Scripture: Matthew 5:13-13
In this sermon Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth, when we think of salt, we think of adding flavor to our food. For most of us, salt […]
Topics: Community, Purity

You Are The Light Of The World

Scripture: Genesis 10:1-5
In this sermon You Are The Light Of The World, At the very beginning the  first thing that God created was light. The earth was without form. It […]
Topics: Hope, Sin

A Place Of Beginning

Scripture: Micah 5:2-2
Men have always determined their course of travel by the lay of the land and by the watch of the stars.  Long before the days of maps and […]

A Time For Recovery

Scripture: 1 Samuel 30:18-19
What Satan has embezzled from the Church, both individually and collectively is reaching a point of recovery

The Work Of The Riddler

Scripture: 1 Kings 6:7-7
I am becoming increasingly convinced that the concept in the mind of God concerning the church is much greater than what is known in our world presently.
Topics: Temple

The Lord Is at Work

Scripture: Acts 3:12-16
In this sermon The Lord Is at Work, we learn to respond to the move of the Spirit. As leaders, we should show a favorable reaction to God […]

The Church in the Wilderness

Scripture: Acts 7:38-38
God always has a plan! The Tabernacle was God’s plan for fellowshipping with man in the wilderness. He allows us to see His plan for continued fellowship in […]

Teaching for Understanding

Scripture: Acts 20:20-20
Howard and William Hendricks in their book As Iron Sharpens Iron wrote, “One of the fundamental laws of education: people only learn what they can use. If information […]

Don’t Be a Spiritual Illiterate

Scripture: Acts 4:13-13
In this sermon Don’t Be a Spiritual Illiterate, to be illiterate is to be unable to read or write. Anyone able to read this lesson is not illiterate. […]

Repentance, Life’s Turning Point

Scripture: Acts 17:30-30
Repentance comes about when we “confess” our sins.  In this sermon Repentance, Life’s Turning Point, we learn that Repentance involves turning from sin to the Lord. It is […]
Topics: Repentance

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