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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Further Truth for Serious Seekers

Scripture: Acts 17:11-11
A mistake often made when witnessing to people from various denominational backgrounds is the failure to recognize that God has been at work in their lives. They may […]
Topics: Truth

Great Expectations

Scripture: Acts 4:33-33
In this sermon Great Expectations, much has been written about financial or economic prosperity. This lesson deals with ways that the Lord would like to prosper us spiritually—prosper […]

Guidelines for Setting Goals

Scripture: Acts 13:36-36
In this sermon Guidelines for Setting Goals, setting and achieving goals help us fulfill our purpose. Deep within each of us is a desire to make a difference.
Topics: Goal Setting

He Is Coming Soon

Scripture: Acts 1:11-11
In this sermon: He Is Coming Soon, we look forward to the coming of the Lord, not death. He can come at any moment—in the twinkling of an […]

It Happened to Me; It Can Happen to You

Scripture: Acts 22:15-15
In this sermon It Happened to Me; It Can Happen to You, through our testimony, we can persuade men to accept truth. In your testimony, you should always […]

It’s Not an Easy Road

Scripture: Acts 1:4-4
In this sermon It’s Not an Easy Road, Acts began with a walk of obedience. About 120 people walked a Sabbath day’s journey to the upper room in […]

Leadership Praying

Scripture: Acts 3:1-1
In this sermon titled Leadership Praying, we discover that Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. As Christian leaders we are in the business of influencing men toward […]
Topics: Prayer

Let Us Pray for Boldness

Scripture: Acts 4:29-31
In this sermon Let Us Pray for Boldness, When the apostles and leaders of the New Testament church came face-to-face with life threatening trouble, they did not run, […]
Topics: Prayer

Life Is in the Blood

Scripture: Acts 20:28-28
In this sermon Life Is in the Blood, Blood sustains life. It takes nourishment to the body and carries away waste.  Just as blood represents life and feeds […]

Lord, What Do You Want Me to Do?

Scripture: Acts 9:6-6
Knocked down on the road, Paul asked, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” He never stopped asking this question throughout his life and ministry. It is […]
Topics: Vision

Marriage with Purpose

Scripture: Acts 18:26-26
In this sermon Marriage with Purpose, Marriage works best when a husband and wife operate as a team. Understanding each other and working together to accomplish the mission […]
Topics: Love, Ministry

Obedience, the Best Medicine

Scripture: Acts 26:19-19
In this sermon Obedience, the Best Medicine, Man has always been required to believe and obey God. God warned Adam that he would die if he disobeyed by […]
Topics: Obedience

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