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Scripture: Exodus 12:12-14

I wonder though how many of us remembered what the holiday was for. I wonder if any of us took the time on Memorial Day to think about those who gave their…

Topics: Memorials
Scripture: Mark 6:2-3

Today, Jesus is building you, me, and every Christian. We are in his hands and under construction at all times and his plan is to make us more like him.

Scripture: Revelation 13:10-10

This new world order is today in the process of birth. The pangs of its birth may be felt in endless group and student movements, a godless society, a society that recognizes…

Scripture: Matthew 6:7-13

Are we truly people who place the Kingdom of God above everything else in our lives? What does it mean to truly pray "thy kingdom come"? We are living in the mighty…

Scripture: 2 Samuel 21:9-10

In Numbers we read about Rizpah and how she defended the bodies of her sacrificed sons on the rock of Gibeah. It was after David witnessed her actions for months that he…

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 13:5-5

There are several distinct covenants with God and people throughout the Bible. the Bible also talks about "Covenants of Salt". In this sermon we will look at why covenants were made with…

Scripture: John 15:4-7

Today we live in a world of connections. We all have devices that require connection to the internet or a power source to operate. But what about our relationship with God? This…

Scripture: Daniel 9:8-14

It’s a very complex terrain we are traversing in our world these days. Things we encounter along our pathway. Things like people, atmospheres, ideologies, Government decisions, and attitudes. You have to think about…

Scripture: Hebrews 4:14-16

The path to the throne of grace is always open, there are no set times for prayer. Whenever the Spirit of God inclines the heart to pray, the ear of God is…

Topics: Prayer, Grace
Scripture: Psalms 71

The trail then was a path of wisdom. If you stuck to the trail you would be sure to find water to graze your animals, shelter and resting places along the way.…

Topics: Wisdom, Sin
Scripture: Hosea 2:14-14

It's important that you realize that this old book (Old Testament) is a good Book. It has a lot of good lessons to teach us.

Scripture: Acts 4:24-24

If you have never had the opportunity to be in a Spirit-filled service before, you will discover that biblical expressions of worship are still practiced today.

Scripture: 1 Timothy 5:17-20

Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles gives clear and concise instruction on how to correct a New Testament Elder.

Topics: Sin
Scripture: Isaiah 28:15-18

The stage of Decision is the habitation of all who want to be saved.

Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

Faith is not the denial of reality, but the recognition of spiritual principles.

Topics: Faith
Scripture: Genesis 28:10-16


Topics: The Godhead
Scripture: Luke 22:47-62

What would cause a person to behave in this manner? What would cause a person to sob in the presence of God? What would cause them to wail in repentance?

Scripture: 1 Kings 22:34-35

In this lesson we will read about Ahab, a man who was literally arming himself against God. When you arm yourself against God, you will end up with pierced armor and you…

Scripture: Acts 9:11-12

Everyone looks for someone that can be trusted. American presidential historian Robert Dallek claims that successful presidents exhibit five pivotal qualities. Want to take a guess of what hits the top five…

Topics: Faith, Trust
Scripture: Acts 4:36-36

If you could be any character in Acts, who would it be? Would it be Peter the Pentecost preacher? Would it be Dr. Luke the prolific writer? What about Paul the magnificent…

Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-3

We know Jesus received the sure mercies of David according to Paul in His resurrection.

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