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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Kiss of A Father

Scripture: Luke 15:11-20
In this sermon The Kiss of A Father, A we read the story in our text, we see it can only be comprehended with experience. Outside of experience, […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

A Mans Gotta Do What A Mans Gotta Do

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:20-24
In this sermon A Mans Gotta Do What A Mans Gotta Do, Anyone can be a father but it takes a MAN to be a Dad. Someone needs […]

God's Idea of a Great Dad

Scripture: Psalms 103:13-13
In this sermon God’s Idea of a Great Dad, A great dad is a PROVIDER for his family. He must responsibly provide for his family’s physical needs. He […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

A Message to Young Men

Scripture: Genesis 3:1-6
In this sermon A Message to Young Men, we learn that silence is deadly. Adam’s silence was lethal. It was the severing of the relationship. It was deadly. “by […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

Just A Few Good Men

Scripture: 2 Samuel 23:8-8
In this sermon Just A Few Good Men, we learn you have a calling on your life and it’s NOT to warm a pew to take up space. […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

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