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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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It's Sunday, But Jesus is Coming!

Scripture: John 20:1-8
In this sermon It’s Sunday, But Jesus is Coming, it may be Easter Sunday, but throughout the world, people in the pews are still dealing with the effects […]


Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
In this sermon Celebrate, Why Celebrate? It’s Easter, Jesus is Alive, Hope is alive because of Jesus. And Hope is the reason we celebrate; not just today but […]

Three Crosses on a hill

Scripture: Luke 23:32-43
In this sermon Three Crosses on a hill, There were three men, three crosses. They all three had the same death sentence, but how incredibly different they were. […]

It Is Enough!

Scripture: Mark 14:41-41
In this sermon It Is Enough, Jesus endured many hardships for us. I do not know exactly how much “Enough” is, but I know that enough is enough.  […]

Get God Out of the Box!

Scripture: John 19:38-40
In this sermon Get God Out of the Box, God is not confined to the limitations of man. Resurrection Sunday is the high holy day for the church. […]

Why Do You Look For The Living Among The Dead?

Scripture: Luke 24:1-6
In this sermon Why Do You Look For The Living Among The Dead, resurrection Sunday exists so we can experience our own personal resurrection in our life by […]

It's Friday, But Sundays Coming

Scripture: John 19:10-18
In this sermon It’s Friday, But Sundays Coming, It’s always the plan of the devil to destroy.  People think they can flirt with the devil. But you cannot win […]

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