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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Value Of The Cross

Scripture: Luke 23:13-23
In this sermon The Value Of The Cross, Sometimes we have a tendency to cheapen the price Jesus paid for our sins on Calvary. We miss the true […]

What Did The Resurrection Do?

Scripture: Luke 24:1-9
In this sermon What Did The Resurrection Do, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead did more than defy physical laws of life and death. It proved that we too, […]

The Impact Of A Risen Savior

Scripture: Mark 16:6-6
In this sermon The Impact Of A Risen Savior,  we learn things may seem hopeless at times. However, Jesus understands and cares about us. He will make a […]

Jesus Died So You Can Live – So Wake Up!

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-20
In this sermon Jesus Died So You Can Live, we learn the Cross can become lax and begin to under appreciate the price He paid. Knowing the price […]

Get Buried With Jesus Or Be Buried By Life

Scripture: Psalms 106:12-18
Get Buried With Jesus Or Be Buried By Life! We do not need to fear that our lives are over. We don’t need to fear that the things […]

The Passover

Scripture: Exodus 12:1-13
The Passover is celebrated as a symbolic representation of how God liberated the Jews from their Egyptian bondage. When we repent of our sins and are baptized in […]

Can You Bear The Spices In The Dark?

Scripture: John 19:38-42
In this sermon Can You Bear The Spices In The Dark, When we look down the long hallway of human history there have been a lot of dark […]

Jesus Christ's Death - Your Exodus Out Of Sin

Scripture: Exodus 4:22-26
In this sermon Jesus Christ’s Death – Your Exodus Out Of Sin, The EXODUS story. The word DECEASE, in speaking of Jesus’ death, actually is EXODOS in Greek. […]

Where To From Here

Scripture: Acts 12:4-10
In this sermon Where To From Here, There are many different facets in our walk with the Lord. I think a real quick over-view of our lives would […]

What I See When I Look At The Resurrection

Scripture: John 20:1-10
In this sermon What I See When I Look At The Resurrection, we see a God that is alive. We see an enemy that is defeated. The devil thought […]

Get The Story Straight

Scripture: Matthew 28:10-15
In this sermon Get The Story Straight, Have you ever known people who always manage to get their facts twisted?  While some make mistakes and get the story […]

His Coming Foretold

Scripture: Genesis 18:1-18
In this sermon His Coming Foretold, Who is Jesus of Nazareth to you? Your life on this earth and for all of eternity is affected by your answer […]

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