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Do You Have A Vision?

Scripture: Ephesians 1:3-12
We read some great things in the New Testament letters to the Churches.
Topics: Vision

Run With Purpose

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 9:24-26
There are many people that run the race just because it is something to do. People run the Boston and New York marathons just because it is something […]
Topics: Vision

The Heavenly Vision

Scripture: Acts 26:19-19
The Apostle Paul received his heavenly vision by asking, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” Throughout his lifetime (as we should also do) he continued to […]
Topics: Vision

Dreaming Dreams, Seeing Visions

Scripture: Acts 2:17-17
Helen Keller was a woman suffering from being both blind and deaf. She overcame these handicaps and raised money for the blind through the sale of her books […]
Topics: Vision

The Blessing of Unfulfilled Dreams

Scripture: Colossians 1:29-29
One must always remember that to every man whose life submits itself to some purpose or progress will in due time experience some disappointment. But the man who […]
Topics: Vision

Have You Made A Road Today?

Scripture: 1 Samuel 27:10-10
In this sermon Have You Made A Road Today,  vision does not depend on the surrounding circumstances of life. It looks beyond today and can see into tomorrow. […]
Topics: Direction, Vision

You Can't Kill a Dream

Scripture: Genesis 37:5-10
There must be a driving force to keep the dream alive.
Topics: Vision

Following God to a Dead End

Scripture: Genesis 14:1-3
It may look like we’ve followed God to a dead end, but in reality it’s an ambush for the enemy! What do you do when you reach a […]

God's Vision for Our Future

Scripture: Daniel 12:8-10
God intended His church to be leading this dark and wicked world toward Him.He intends for His church to be full of Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness. Why is […]
Topics: Vision


Scripture: Matthew 6:33-33
Yes, we must enhance our abilities as leaders in such a way as to be used by God in various types of ministries in our churches.
Topics: Leadership, Vision

Where Are You Going?

Scripture: Acts 2:40-40
You might remember Mr. Huxley from a previous lesson. He was the man who had just finished a series of attacks against Christians. He was in a hurry […]
Topics: Vision

We See What We Are Prepared To See

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:3-3
In this sermon We See What We Are Prepared To See, we learn to look for the good. We need to train ourselves to look for the good. […]
Topics: God's Plan, Vision

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