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The Spirit Of The Overcomer

Scripture: 1 John 5:1-15
Isn’t it amazing what types of things people survive these days? We hear of people surviving cancer, abuse of all kinds, natural disasters, financial setbacks.
Topics: Victory

Four Feet from Victory

Scripture: John 21:1-6
The great question of life often has to do with just how far are we from success. I am sure that most of us want to live successfully […]
Topics: Victory

Burn Your Ships

Scripture: Hebrews 11:8-16
Hernan Cortez secured his place in history as the man who conquered Mexico – simply because he removed all opportunity to turn back!

Atonement Victory Over Enemies

Scripture: Leviticus 9:6-7
In this sermon Atonement Victory Over Enemies, What will cause you to not be able to take it any more is simply using your own power? In this […]

Shining With Christ's Glory And Victory

Scripture: Matthew 17:1-8
Jesus is like the SUN, with Moses and Elijah. And While Jesus shone like the sun on the MOUNTAIN, Elijah and Moses both were men of the MOUNTAINS […]

Overcoming Everything Through A Revelation Of Jesus Christ Part 2

Scripture: Revelation 1:5-6
Most Christians do not go further than letting the cross save them. But the Cross did more for you than save you from hell. It gave you power […]
Topics: Victory

His Throne Is A Mercyseat

Scripture: Isaiah 16:5-5
In this lesson, His Throne is A Mercy Seat, every one of us are offenders. The only way He can show us the power of His kingdom, is […]
Topics: Grace, Mercy, Victory

From Inflowing To Outflowing

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:15-18
You are feasting on bread and wine, when you understand and comprehend that Christ’s death was for you that you might end a life of sin and resurrect […]
Topics: Salvation, Victory

Jesus Reaped What You Sowed

Scripture: Isaiah 53:1-12
In this sermon Jesus Reaped What You Sowed, Once you know this, you will no longer accept defeat from the devil through accepting his lies that you must […]
Topics: Freedom, Victory

Signed, Sealed And Delivered

Scripture: Joshua 24:29-29
The Holy Spirit dispenses you with the blessings God has promised to you. Joseph encouraged them about the land. Joshua led Israel to conquered it. Eleazar helped distribute […]

You Can Enjoy The Banquet Of Wine Of The Blood Of Jesus

Scripture: Esther 5:1-6
You Can Enjoy the banquet of Wine of the Blood of Jesus! Let us consider ourselves and the problems we face through life. For the Lord wants you […]

Above The Devil Where You Belong

Scripture: Luke 22:14-20
In this lesson Above The Devil Where You Belong, when you unite to Jesus, You’re seated with Him above all enemies. When the devil rises over your head, […]

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