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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Great Revival Comes Only by Great Sacrifice

Scripture: Esther 4:10-17
Great Revival Comes Only by Great Sacrifice. We can no longer take our Holy Ghost experience for granted, but we must have revival. It’s not an option, it is […]
Topics: Love, Revival, Unity

Behold, The People Are One

Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9
God is One, and when the people act as one, they become more like God. When they act as one with God, then they are truly unstoppable. That […]

What Is The Blessing Of The Lord?

Scripture: Matthew 8:19-20
We have many worldly possessions and most of us are not willing to separate from them and just give them to the less fortunate. The material things we […]
Topics: Prayer, Unity

Only Those Who Love God Are Predestinated

Scripture: John 6:5-13
In this sermon Only Those Who Love God Are Predestinated,  we learn you become part of the bread when you eat it. The people who came to Jesus […]
Topics: Love, Unity

The Blood Validates Our Union With Christ

Scripture: Matthew 27:50-51
In this sermon The Blood Validates Our Union With Christ, based on passages from Matthew 27, Romans 6, and Deuteronomy 22, explores the profound concept of how the […]

Forsaking All Others, Jesus, I Want You

Scripture: Esther 21:10-3
In this sermon Forsaking All Others, Jesus, I Want You, If you are separated from God due to someone’s offense, then you never really were united to Jesus […]
Topics: Love, Marriage, Unity

Breaking Through Into God's Purpose

Scripture: Joshua 3:15-16
The Word of God shows us that there is a barrier between God’s purpose or goal for mankind.

The Perfection Of Unity

Scripture: John 17:20-23
In this sermon The Perfection Of Unity, Church is being made into a glorious church. It is being perfected. The preaching of these seven elements of oneness is […]

Unbreakable, Unshakable, Unity

Scripture: Acts 2:44-44
An old Arab proverb teaching the importance of unity says, “One hand alone does not clap.” No one is a whole chain. Each one is a link on […]
Topics: Unity

Working Together on the King’s Team

Scripture: Acts 4:32-32
In this sermon Working Together on the King’s Team, we learn to work together on the King’s team, building His kingdom, and giving Him all the glory. Teamwork […]

Ants and Slugs

Scripture: Proverbs 6:6-11
In this sermon we learn the difference between ants and slugs. The slugs act independently as where the ants find strength in their unity. Which one do you […]
Topics: Idolatry, Unity

Elements of Unity

Scripture: Psalms 133:1-1
In this sermon Elements of Unity, we discover we all have a gift and together we form a gifted body that represents Christ. As Christ, we in unity, […]

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