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Price vs. Cost

Scripture: Luke 9:57-57
In this sermon Price vs. Cost, Many of us are price point shoppers. We buy because the price is right. We buy cheap things to save money when […]

Full of Grace and Truth

Scripture: John 1:9-14
In this lesson, Full of Grace and Truth, Jesus was the true light that came into the world. For those who would receive Him, He gave them power […]

Two Hiding Places

Scripture: Isaiah 32:2-2
In this sermon Two hiding places, we learn of some of the features of the true, God-appointed refuge. Two hiding places are brought before us here. one is […]
Topics: Deception, Truth

The Narrow Way

Scripture: Matthew 7:13-14
In this sermon The Narrow Way, I am told that diamonds in their finest cuts come at an exact 48 degree angle.  When a jeweler places the diamond […]

Multiplied To Have Dominion

Scripture: Matthew 5:6-6
You HUNGER for food, and THIRST for drink. Jesus’ body is bread and blood is wine. BREAD AND WINE. This OBTAINS RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is HIS KINGDOM AND HIS […]
Topics: The Cross, Truth

What God Deals With To Save A Soul

Scripture: Acts 9:1-6
In this sermon What God Deals With To Save A Soul, we acknowledge that the cross can do more in a soul’s life than what our traditions allow us […]
Topics: Ministry, Truth

True And False Bread And Wine

Scripture: Joshua 9:1-5
True Bread and Wine is the Body and Blood of Jesus. When we are told to eat the bread and drink the wine, this is indicative of receiving […]
Topics: Truth

True And False Bread And Wine Part 2

Scripture: Joshua 9:1-15
We need knowledge but not of what is good or evil. We need knowledge of Life. It’s a matter of life and death, not good or evil.
Topics: Truth

Shining Brightly On The Mountain

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:4-19
In this sermon Shining Brightly On The Mountain, Recall that Jesus said the house on the rock is the life of a person who hears His words and […]
Topics: Faith, Obedience, Truth

The Journey, And Two Kinds Of Christians

Scripture: Acts 17:1-12
Now, if partaking of Christ is compared to the destination of the Exodus journey, then WE ARE IN A PROGRESSIVE JOURNEY towards this.

Looks Really Do Kill

Scripture: Exodus 33:18-23
In this sermon Looks Really Do Kill, when you see the full mercy of God and His forgiveness, looks will kill! You will understand you died with Jesus. […]

Know, Reckon And Yield

Scripture: Romans 6:3-14
One of the most wonderful themes in the bible that I have come to love so fully is the truth of being dead, buried and resurrected with Jesus […]

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