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Convictions Never Go On Sale

Scripture: Mark 13:13-13
Are you made to feel guilt or even shame when you express your ideas about what is going on in the world? If so, you are discovering the […]

Truth Shall Make You Free

Scripture: Isaiah 42:5-8
On this day all across America people are celebrating their liberty and freedom. But what exactly is Liberty? Freedom from physical, political, and spiritual oppression.

The Power of Thankfulness

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19
In this sermon The Power of Thankfulness, we learn the power of being thankful opens doors to God’s greatness. We should not base our relationship with God on what […]
Topics: Mercy, Truth

The Rich Poor Man

Scripture: Matthew 5:3-3
If you are going to live a truly blessed and happy life, it must begin with an inventory of your spirit. There must be a realization that the […]

The Expert

Scripture: Mark 4:10-12
We can’t make our straight lines in the shape of a cat just to make it easier on ourselves. We are the experts. We know what a straight […]

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge

Scripture: John 14:6-6
The world can build big grey bridges and try to cover the reality of the need of the lighthouse, but the fact remains: we will always need the […]
Topics: Forgiveness, Truth

What is Truth

Scripture: John 18:37-37
God’s Word came to us by divine revelationand must be received in the same context that it was originally given.
Topics: God's Word, Truth

What Is Truth?

Scripture: John 18:37-38
It seems everywhere you look today you see bottled water. It covers the grocery store shelves and fills convenience store refrigeration units. People going about daily activities carry […]

Embracing Truth

Scripture: Proverbs 23:23-23
We may change the method for propagating the Gospel, but we must never change the message. If we will hold to these Truths, nothing can or will shake […]
Topics: Truth, Wisdom

What's The Time

Scripture: Genesis 1:14-14
Knowing the time. Don’t keep avoiding God, avoiding truth, by blaming others & making excuses. Know your time is right now. Salvation or damnation is very near; face […]
Topics: Faith, Holiness, Truth

Jesus Christ The Indispensable God

Scripture: John 15:5-5
We live in a time when most things we buy are dispensable..we humans have an absolute indispensable Creator who also happens to be our Savior.
Topics: God's Word, Sin, Truth

I Am Persuaded

Scripture: Romans 8:37-39
Do we truly live up to the definition of persuaded?
Topics: Ministry, Truth
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