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The Thing Which I Do

Scripture: Genesis 18:17-19
In this sermon The Thing Which I Will Do, we read about Abraham and learn the thing God wants to do exceeds anything we can ever imagine. Is God […]

Becoming Someone God Can Trust

Scripture: Acts 9:11-12
In this sermon Becoming Someone God Can Trust, sometimes we may be of minimal value and have little to offer. But, to God, we have eternal, unlimited worth, […]
Topics: Faith, Trust

In God We Trust

Scripture: John 13:15-15
In this sermon In God We Trust, we learn we cannot walk one step, breathe on breath, or make one move without God. I choose to TRUST Him […]
Topics: Faith, Trust

I Am Persuaded!

Scripture: Romans 8:37-39
In this sermon I Am Persuaded, your worry doesn’t negate God’s power and authority over diseases, peril and sickness. There are bigger problems in this world than a […]

An Evening Prayer of Trust

Scripture: Psalms 4:1-8
Once Jesus Christ gains the pre-eminence in our lives we can understand these matters of holiness like never before. People who have given the Lord complete control in […]
Topics: Prayer, Trust

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Scripture: Proverbs 23:7-7
A lot of people don’t realize that God blesses people according to their efforts. In this lesson Who Wants to be a Millionaire,  Scripture shows us that God […]

Rise Above

Scripture: John 11:1-44
In this sermon Rise Above, Jesus has a plan and knows exactly what He’s doing. He knows what He’s going to do here, and that everything is going […]

Resting in the Faithfulness of God

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:1-9
How do you respond when your plans are frustrated, you feel abandoned by friends, and your prayers seem to go unanswered? We weren’t promised carefree lives when we […]

I Can Do It!

Scripture: Isaiah 43:13-13
In this sermon I Can Do It, Having faith means not trusting our own understanding or natural ability. Having faith means losing the “I Can Do It’ mentality […]
Topics: Faith, Trust

David Strengthened Himself In The Lord His God

Scripture: 1 Samuel 30:6-6
In this sermon David Strengthened Himself In The Lord His God, Remember that those who trust in God will find strength, deliverance, and true happiness. Everybody has problems […]
Topics: Deliverance, Trust

4 Things Christ Is Able To Do

Scripture: Psalms 23:1-3
Perhaps one of the greatest New Testament affirmations is that Jesus Christ is able to do what no one else can do.
Topics: God's Word, Trust

Stop The Ride I Want Off!

Scripture: Hebrews 4:16-16
If you hang around the rides at either an amusement park or county fair, you will eventually hear someone yelling or even screaming “Stop The Ride I Want […]
Topics: Trials, Trust
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