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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Resurrection Of The Dead

Scripture: Matthew 19:26-26
When we look at someone with no life in them, we seem to lose all hope. In this sermon The Resurrection Of The Dead, we find stories from […]

When You Have Done All You Can Do

Scripture: Exodus 14:13-14
In this lesson: When You Have Done All You Can Do, we learn that we need to stop being like Naomi. In the book of Ruth, standing in […]

The Royalty Benefit Package

Scripture: Psalms 68:11-20
In this lesson The Royalty Benefit Package, we must ask who is Royalty? The promises & benefits of God are not for everybody. He has already kicked a […]

The Reward Of The Fruitful And The Unfruitful

Scripture: Jeremiah 4:3-3
In this sermon The Reward Of The Fruitful And The Unfruitful, Jesus used Parables to teach a memorable lesson. The tree was cursed not just because it was […]

Banana Splits and Sundays!

Scripture: Matthew 26:55-56
Tonight I don’t want to talk about the Banana Splits that are sweet and leave a good taste in your mouth, but I want to talk about the […]

How To Be Happy

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-8
If I was to do a survey here today, and ask you “What would make you happy?” I wonder what answers we would get. If I were to […]

Where Are We Going?

Scripture: Hebrews 11:6-10
In this sermon Where Are We Going, When he was 88, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes found himself on a train. The conductor called for tickets, but […]

Red Sea Position And Jordan Experience

Scripture: 1 John 2:3-6
In this sermon Red Sea Position And Jordan Experience, When you abide in Him, you will walk like Him. This means that you live like He did. Your […]

Two Kinds Of Spies: How Do You Check Into God's Will?

Scripture: Numbers 13:1-2
In this lesson Two Kinds of Spies, through scripture  we learn both parties had their chance to cross Jordan. We compare the Red Sea that the older generation […]

God Wants You To Be Both Blessed, And To Retain Your Blessings

Scripture: Genesis 50:24-26
In this lesson God Wants You To Be Both Blessed, And To Retain Your BlessingsGod wants to give salvation to the world. But he also wants us to […]

Putting Wheels On The Kingdom

Scripture: Genesis 9:8-16
In this sermon Putting Wheels On The Kingdom, The rainbow covenant is mentioned in Noah’s day and concerned the thought of floods. Never more would God flood the […]

God Is With You In Your Battle, But As Leader

Scripture: Joshua 5:13-15
In this sermon God Is With You In Your Battle, But As Leader, we read about Joshua. Joshua was surveying the enemy territory of Jericho before a battle […]

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