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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Jesus Is Coming!

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2
The Bible is different from the many other religious books in the world in the fact that it contains over 2000 fulfilled prophecies without error. In this lesson […]

Partnership with Deity

Scripture: Matthew 27:32-32
A lot of people have a misconception of who Jesus Christ really was. They feel that he was just a ‘man,’ but due to His divine nature could […]

WWJD – What Did Jesus Do?

Scripture: Matthew 3:13-13
Don’t you want to be like Jesus?

The Silent Years

Scripture: Luke 2:40-52
In this sermon The Silent Years, Much conjecture, supposition and mythology has arisen surrounding “the silent years” of Jesus. But, the Bible is purposely silent to establish a […]

Jesus Opened The Eastern Gate

Scripture: Genesis 3:22-24
I love the truths of God’s return of mankind ot the Garden of Eden relationship that Adam once knew. We read about an east gate in the temple […]

A Journey Through His Perplexity

Scripture: Matthew 27:35-46
It was an agonizing death. He was the most perfect man who ever lived. Yet He suffered so fully. Yet the greatest issue on his mind was WHY […]

Not Thieves and Merchants, but Seekers of God

Scripture: John 2:13-17
In this sermon Not Thieves and Merchants, but Seekers of God, Jesus began His public ministry by casting out money changers from the temple in John. He did […]

The Man Who Brought Comfort In Place Of An Uncomfortable Curse

Scripture: Genesis 32:17-19
When Adam sinned, God specifically cursed the ground for his sake. He did not directly curse Adam. However, whereas the woman was cursed to bear children in sorrow, […]

Looking At Life Through The Blood Of Jesus

Scripture: Joshua 22:1-19
In this sermon Looking At Life Through The Blood Of Jesus, is good news to people who need to hear what difference Christ makes in your life after […]

A Million Lambs And The Firstborn

Scripture: Revelation 13:8-8
In this sermon A Million Lambs And The Firstborn, only one thing alone can stand between you and eternal death. Nothing else can help you. Not religion, not […]

Life Inside the Veiled Holiest

Scripture: Exodus 26:31-35
We go through the veil, or it is said, we go through by the blood of Jesus. And since Christ’s flesh is the veil, and we pass through […]

The Word Made Flesh And Christ Formed In You

Scripture: John 1:14-14
In this sermon The Word Made Flesh And Christ Formed In You, God commanded light to shine in Genesis. God so much wants light to shine out of […]

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